Dating Thread!

Welcome to The Avocado’s first semi-regular thread devoted exclusively to dating!  This is a symposium for discussing everything and anything related to finding that special someone–a regular conversation topic on the Open Thread that I felt deserved its own forum.

Not sure what to write on your latest profile?  Worried about how to respond to that last ambiguous text? Anxious about choosing the right meeting place, the right activity, or even the right outfit?  This is where to discuss it!  None of us are experts on the subject (least of all myself), but we’ll be happy to contribute our thoroughly unqualified advice, or just cheer you on! Let’s face it, dating can be a nightmare, but loneliness is even worse.

In addition to following the basic site guidelines, here are some basic Dos and Don’ts, which I’m totally not making up as I go:

  • Do feel free to participate!  Obviously, everyone is welcome to contribute, regardless of orientation, identity, relationship preference, or kink.  Also, don’t feel like you MUST be single to post here; although the focus will be primarily on those of us seeking relationships, absolutely anybody can join in.
  • Don’t be too mean or too gross.  The Open Thread is a great place to blow off steam and not take anything seriously, but here no one should feel too intimidated to get personal, lest some quipster unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings or derail the whole conversation.
  • Do share as many or as few intimate details as you feel comfortable with, although you may want to spare us the especially graphic TMI details (or at least cover them with spoiler tags.)  I don’t view the fabulous Avocado Sex Thread as a competing forum; let’s just say this thread is intended for related yet slightly different subject matter–the actual pursuit of romance, rather than the nitty-gritty of Banging It Out.
  • Don’t confuse this thread for an actual dating site.  While some Avocados have initiated IRL relationships on the Open Thread and elsewhere, I don’t want people (especially newcomers) getting the impression this is a place to FIND a date.  Drop innuendos at your own risk; make anyone feel too uncomfortable and you will hear from a Moderator.

One final disclaimer: as someone who’s been single for the last 6 years, you could say I know even LESS about dating than most people, despite all the years I’ve been working at it.  So if you decide to take advice from me or anyone else and it blows up in your face, welp, that’s on you.  Have fun, don’t be weird, and good luck putting yourself out there!