The Day Thread is a Woman at War (7/9)

Today’s Day Thread celebrates Woman at War, an Icelandic comedy about climate change and my favorite movie of the year so far. Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir stars as Halla, a 50-year-old choir director who has to juggle both adoption plans for her new daughter and her side job of industrial sabotage so that Iceland’s biggest companies stop ruining the environment. Geirharðsdóttir also plays Asa, Halla’s twin sister and a yoga instructor who would rather find inner peace in this time of turmoil. Halla’s adventures are assisted by friendly farmer Sveinbjorn (Jóhann Sigurðarson), government mole Baldvin (Jörundur Ragnarsson), and the musicians that she envisions accompanying her life.


A three-piece band and three choir members lurk in the background of every scene, playing/singing the actual score of the film. While this has been done in a few films I have seen (the Paddington films, Swiss Army Man), the musicians have never been so prevalent (they get above-the-line casting!) or important to the story, despite being

Woman at War is a frequently funny and exciting film that does not shy away from depicting the realities of climate change. Halla is the hero of the film, but it does not pretend that her brand of eco-terrorism, while noble, will be particularly effective. The movie’s central idea is that a community is needed to tackle deadly issues, not just one individual Until that community bands together, we do what we can to fight global warming, whether it is protest, donate, or blow up a power grid and then hide in a dead sheep’s innards to evade the authorities.

Woman at War is available on Hulu, iTunes/Amazon rental, and on DVD at your local library.