Shoeless Trivia: Four-peats

In honor of the USWNT.

  1. The United States has won the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament four times. Germany has won twice. Name either of the other two countries that have won the tournament, each only once.
  2. The individual on the right in this photo was elected four times as President of the United States. What is the name of the individual on the left, circled in red?4peat1
  3. Between 1935 and 1952 John Ford won the Academy Award for best Director a record setting four times, including for the 1940 film adaptation of what John Steinbeck novel?
  4. The ultimate four-peat for showbiz types is the EGOT: winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. What Miami Vice actor (who has never been nominated for any of the awards) coined the term EGOT in 1984?
  5. James and Mary Tyrone and their two adult sons are the family at the center of what 1956 play for which Eugene O’Neill was awarded (posthumously) his fourth Pulitzer Prize in 1957?

  1. Japan, Norway
  2. Fala
  3. The Grapes of Wrath
  4. Philip Michael Thomas
  5. Long Day’s Journey into Night


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