WWC France 2019: Grand Final

I’m sorry to inform y’all that it did not come home. The Yanks won and almost in 4th of July which would have been even more on the nose. The Lionesses in pure British fashion missed a penalty and where eliminated. On the other side, Sweden defended all they could, push the Dutch to extra time but on tired legs they finally conceded. Netherlands reaches the final in only their second World Cup.


Saturday 7/6

Sweden v England: Bronze for bronze

In the game that nobody wants to play,  a mentally depleted England faces a physically depleted Sweden. Maybe Bronze can secure the golden boot and yeah, that’s pretty much it. These matches tend to be open affairs

Sunday 7/7

Netherlands v USA: The Dark Horse last test

The Netherlands keeps on rolling, it was a hard fought battle but they prevailed. Problem now is that they have one day less of rest and 30 minutes more of playtime. Hopefully that isn’t a problem and they are up to the challenge because the challenge is pretty steep. The USWNT is in the final yet again, this is insane, Rapinoe and Lloyd are older now but the next group of players seems like a good replacement, hell they might be even better. For now, the US women’s soccer system seems to be the gold standard that everyone needs to catch up to. They had some problems with England, but most were of their own making. For every perceived weakness the Yanks have (some shaky defense, keeper) their strong points make up for them. The only thing that might work against them is that they have the label of favorites while the Dutch can go all in and just go for it, they have nothing to lose. I don’t expect an open affair, though. It will also be interesting to see if the US keeps the stat going of scoring in the first 15 minutes of every match.

In soccer other competitions:

Gold Cup 

Welp, we get the expected Mexico v USA final and again with some sketchy refereeing that favored Mexico against Haiti. Yes the defender was a little late but boy is that a soft penalty and man did Jiménez sell it and then he scores it in a really cheeky way. Nothing to celebrate here for Mexico, they played horribly. On the other side, the US defeated Jamaica, who tried to put a fight but Pulisic scored the third one and it was over.

Match is 7/7 at 6 PM PST

Copa América

Brazil defeated Argentina with some questionable refereeing that even got Messi mad. And yeah, what’s the point of VAR if you’re not gonna check two possible penalties? I mean, supposedly the folks upstairs saw the plays and decided there was nothing to see there, but come on. Hell, there’s even a theory that Brazil President Bolsonaro’s security communications were interfering with ref’s communication upstairs. On the other side, Chile were pretty confident that they would just walk to the final and boy were they up for a surprise. Perú won 3-0, which sounds pretty one-sided but it’s a little trickier, Chile had really good chances but Gallese, the Peruvian keeper, was great. Now after 44 years, Perú is back to a final against Brazil, who already defeated them 5-0 in this same tournament.

Match is 7/7 at 1 PM PST.

And there we have it, just leave this Sunday free. All football finals, all day