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The Friday Politics Thread Celebrates America By Being Hungover

Good morning everyone, and Happy Friday!

Contrary to the header, I’m not really hungover, although I did, uh, have a few drinks yesterday.  I am actually at work, and because of the day off yesterday I completely forgot today was Friday.

It feels like a lousy Monday, actually.  Ugh.  Sorry for the late post, although I’m guessing nobody really cares that much.

I checked out a little towards the end of the Trumpamerican Circle Jerk To Flag yesterday, so I can only assume it ended in a completely rain soaked disaster.  I did notice that he used some fun camera tricks to make it seem like there were more people than there were at the celebration.

Anyway, I got a pretty serious fascistic vibe from it all, and half expected Trump to (possibly accidentally) burn down the Lincoln Memorial.  This nightmare needs to end!