You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Night Thread

One of my newest traditions on the Fourth of July is going to see Jaws on the big screen.

I never saw the original classic from beginning to end, only bits and pieces of it on T.V.

My local theater, the Hollywood, used to have it every 4th of July week so I decided to see it a few years back for the first time. (The Hollywood Theater has since changed hands and no longer runs classics such as Jaws but that’s a story for a different day).

It’s the classic story of boy meets girl, girl goes skinny dipping, boy passes out on the beach, and a shark ends up eating the girl.

While watching 24 X 36, a documentary on movie posters, I recently learned that the painting used for the Jaws poster was lost and never returned to Roger Kastle, who painted it. More information can be found at the link.

Feel free to talk about the impact the original summer blockbuster has had on your life in the comments below!

I hope you have a great 4th of July tomorrow. Stay cool everyone!