Werewolf 95 – Bakery Brawl (Day 5)

Hot Pie was in the kitchen baking, what else, hot pies! It wasn’t the daily challenge, but if there was a better way to spend his free time, he didn’t know it. Just then, he heard something in the background. Was it… no… someone was playing “A Little Priest” from the 1979 Broadway Cast Recording of Sweeney Todd…. MOCKING HIM!

If there was one thing Hot Pie couldn’t stand for, it was sullying the good name of a meat pie. Hot Pie’s meats were all organic and ethically sourced! He tore through the set in a blind rage.

Finally he found him. It was none other than… Cake Bot? The music pulsed from his torso, his eyes glowed red.

“Bad. Calke.”

Lamb Dance, aka Hot Pie, is dead. He was a Vanilla Baker and a Judge. A new judge has been appointed, check your QT!

“No. No. No.” , beeped Cake Bot monotonously. He’d killed half the people on this set, and still his target evaded him!

“Must. Beat. Bobby. Flay.” He was beeping frantically now. He had one goal, and still he couldn’t complete it. It was maddening. He needed to be free.

“Oh, are you looking for me?” A figure stood in a darkened doorway, but they looked different than the robot remembered. Still, he recognized the look in their eyes. It was too late.


Cake Bot, aka Ralph, is dead. They were ??? aka “Beat Bobby Flay!” Their only goal was to kill TV personality and southwestern spice enthusiast Bobby Flay.


Twilight will tomorrow, July 4th, at 9 PM ET.


In addition to the Wolves, this game will have a secret panel of Judges who will determine the day’s Best Brawler and award them a special (secret) prize. The judges will be able to communicate with each other and are chosen by RNG. Upon death, they will be replaced.
There will also be a daily cake baking challenge during the day thread. I will make a thread for you to “bake” “desserts” and, as the executive producer of this game, I will choose my own winner. Mostly, I just want to talk about pastries.
Prizes are secret but will generally be helpful to town or scum. Some prizes will be generally unhelpful to everyone.

Bakers (town) wins when they eliminate the CCCC.

CCCC (Wolves) win when they outnumber town.

??? (???) – ????????

Night Action Order: 1) protection powers 2) investigation powers 3) other powers 4) murder


  • Do not edit your posts
  • Please don’t quote your QT
  • Attack arguments, not players
  • It’s just a game, make sure to have fun!


Corporate Cakes and Cookies Conglomeration (Wolves)
5 CCCC members including….

  • Cookie Monster aka Muscle Wolf – wolf roleblocker
  • Betty Crocker aka Sneaky Wolf – appears “not a wolf” upon investigation. Appears “wolf” if investigated a second time.
  • Keebler Elf aka Psychic Wolf – knows who got what prize (1 shot)
  • Pillsbury Doughboy aka Bodyguard Wolf – can protect themself or another wolf from a night kill – 1 shot)
  • Secret Identity Wolf – What can they do? You’ll need to play to find out!


  • 4 judges (RNG chosen, replaced upon death)
  • Decide who wins Best Brawler every night – can’t be awarded to themselves. Prizes will stop when the pool of players is small enough, but QT will remain open


  • Barefoot Contessa – Uses her baking knowledge (and government contacts) to investigate her fellow bakers. Gets a reading of “Wolf/Not Wolf”
  • Gingerbread Person – Lock someone in a gingerbread house at night for their own protection. Jailed players can’t use powers.


  • ??? – alpha and omega, beginning and end, this is a secret role.



    1. Goat – Swedish Chef
    2. Jude – Fat Positive Chef
    3. Jake – Marc Murphy
    4. The Wasp – The Internet
    5. Grumproro – Cake
    6. HohoPossum – THE ROCK
    7. Clumsy Portmanteau/Owen – Halloween Wars host
    8. BiFriend/Spooky – Denise Skellington Baker
    9. Cop on the Edge-ish – Cake Boss *cake boss*
    10. Sic Humor – Stella Parks
    11. LouieBB – Anthony Bundain
    12. Lord Stoneheart – Gamgam
    13. Ralph – Cake Bot 
    14. AnnaNomally – Easy Bake Oven
    15. Indeeeee – Walter White
    16. The Hayes Code – Simberly Simmons
    17. Mayelbridwen – Strawberry Shortcake
    18. April Ludgate-Karate-Destroyer – Gummi Cookieface
    19. the good king snugglewumps – Tim or Ted Allen
    20. DW –
    21. Thoughtsx3 – Buzz Feedington
    22. SpinyCreature – Little Debbie
    23. Donalbain – Paul Hollywolf
    24. Lamb Dance – Hot Pie


  1. Mac
  2. Subsaharan
  3. Mr. Glitch


Vanilla Flavor Text

Hello ______! You are a Vanilla Baker (town). Your vote is your only power. Use it wisely!