“Stompe Le Monde” American Dad! S16E12

The Smiths  inherit money from Stan’s  dead uncle.   And there was much rejoicing !

american dad

The Family votes on what to do with the money.  It’s only Five Grand though.   Haley wants to go to NYC to try a calzone.  Stan wants to invest it.  The rest of the family wants a vacation to make family memories.    So off to Coastco to book the NY trip because Costco has a travel agency , and leather jackets!


Of course Stan’s too cheap to fly and of course there’s a shady travel agent con-man to grift Stan and sells him the American rights to the off Broadway show STOMP!   The family is none to pleased at this turn of event, except Roger of course.   Stan rents out the local theater and hires a cast to perform.  But Stan forgets to hire director and have rehearsals.  The show goes bad, really bad.


This angries up the audience and the Smiths are run out of town.  ROAD TRIP!  Hilarity and hi-jinks ensue as they con there way across the country selling tickets to STOMP performances that they never put on.


Three weeks on the road and the Smiths are broke.  But they work together as a family  creating chaos where ever they go  (MMMM BOP montage!)




Eventually they have to put on an actual STOMP show at gunpoint.   They learn by accident that they actually are good at performing STOMP.  They get an offer to go to NYC which they jump on.  But life for the Smiths is anything but fun in the Big Apple.   Each member has their own thing going to Stan’s chagrin.  Steve has a serious girlfriend,  Diane.  Jeff is now one of NY premier underground artist. Roger plays violin in the subway.  Francine now writes for Law and Order.  Klaus just stares out the window.




Stan sabotages the STOMP show for the family’s happiness.  Apparently they were living in NYC for over a year.   Also, another MMMM BOP montage!



All in all another really solid outing for American Dad.  I really enjoyed how the entire family was part of the one story, and no B plot.   This seems to be a rarity now a days.

Grade: A-

Stray Observations

  • Stan “Look at me, I got  my son’s ass against my window,  my alien’s dick in my gas tank, and nothing but the open road in front of me”
  • Jeff: “Steve girlfriend, it’s pretty serious.  She’s 50, but she looks….57”
  • Klaus: “And let’s admit it,  Domino’s has better pizza”