Comic Book Review – Blossoms 666 #4

Blossoms 666 #4

Writer – Cullen Bunn

Artist – Laura Braga

Recap – “Cheryl and Jason Blossom have discovered that they aren’t twins but instead triplets, along with their never before seen brother Julian. This news comes as a surprise to the siblings; this also means that there’s another contender for the title of Anti-Christ. To prove themselves worthy of the throne, Cheryl and Jason have been manipulating various students at Riverdale High to make a sacrifice, getting Ethel Muggs and Veronica Lodge under their spell. The only person they’re worried about is Betty Cooper, who seems to be onto their tricks and aware of the mysterious Order of Abaddon. However, her chance encounter with Julian may change the game completely…”

The issue opens with a flashback to the childhoods of Cheryl and Jason and Julian. While Cheryl and Jason lived in the lap of luxury, Julian was forced to go hungry and take part in rituals at an early age. Today, Julian asks Betty for her help; Cheryl and Jason deserve what’s coming to them because they took his parents away from him.

Meanwhile, Cheryl and Jason are at a local café. Cheryl asks Jason for a temporary truce to team together to solve the problem that is Julian. Jason is hesitant to accept the terms of the agreement, until on the walk home a car’s brakes fail, and Cheryl saves Jason from being roadkill. Jason agrees to the truce citing Julian as a distraction to their machinations.

At the Andrews house, Betty calls Archie, but before he can answer the phone, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Veronica in a black dress with a bottle of liquor she liberated from her father’s cabinet. Archie invites Veronica into the house.

Jughead has just left Pop’s, chomping on a burger, when he runs into Ethel. Ethel pleads to Jughead for help. Jughead agrees to help Ethel with whatever jam she is in. As the two friends embrace, an evil smile forms on the face of Ethel, as she tells Jughead she must show him something in the woods at the Blossom estate.

Betty asks Julian why her parents were involved with the Order of Abaddon. Julian responds by saying to ask her parents flat out. She’s too shy to ask her parents. Betty confesses to Julian that she believes Cheryl and Jason are messing with her friends. Betty leaves to go check on Archie and notices Veronica’s car outside his house. As she approaches the house, she peeks inside the window to see Veronica and Archie kissing. As Betty runs off upset and crying, Veronica asks if everything is all right. Archie responds by saying everything is perfect, All praise Abaddon.

Say it isn’t so Archie! It was only a matter of time before Cheryl and Jason set their sights on Archie. He was the last one to fall under the sway of dark magic. Can Betty remain strong and steadfast or will she be corrupted by Julian? How long will the truce between Cheryl and Jason last? Who will be the one true Anti-Christ? As I read what happens next issue, I was sad to see that the grand finale is in issue five. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series from the start. Anything under the Archie Horror banner is a must buy for me. Part of me hopes that the miniseries ends on a cliffhanger and we get a sequel series. I’d also like to see a prequel series to see what Jason was up to during his earlier years before coming back to Riverdale.

Up Next – This is it! Who will reign as the true Anti-Christ- Cheryl, Jason or their mysterious brother Julian? And what will become of Riverdale once darkness takes over? Find out in this shocking and jaw – dropping finale of Blossoms 666! In Shops: Jul 10, 2019