Weekly Gardening Thread (July 1)

Come show off your green thumb, Avocados! Garden vicariously through others! Or just start your week off right by looking at pretty growing things.

It’s been hot in Minnesota the last week, which has been great for the tomatoes; hoping the first cherries start to ripen up in the next couple weeks. It’s also been great weather for the raspberries. Last Wednesday the first few were ready to pick:

And then by yesterday they were coming by the bowl full (and these are just the ones that didn’t get eaten right off the plant):

The hydrangea in the front garden is opening up nicely:

We’re aiming for blue and hitting purple, so we’ll need to add some more acidifier to the soil. Last picture this week is a dahlia that was new this spring and has finally opened up:

That’s my garden, let’s see yours!