Food Thread Sunday 6/30

Okay so it’s approaching the July 4 Independence Day holiday in the USA, what do all you ‘murucans do for this day? As has been tradition for us the past 6 or so years the community band my wife and I play in do a morning concert PT warning(somehow the ‘patriotic pieces’ are really grating on me this year) and then later in the day we go to the assistant conductor’s mother’s house for a cookout and to watch our town’s fireworks. She lives adjacent to the field where they do the display so that’s why the cookout is at her house. Everything they cook there has meat in it and this year my wife’s sister and brother in-law will be joining us, they keep somewhat kosher so this will be interesting to say the least. We always bring a half-sheet size sour cherry slab pie and I’m always disappointed that we don’t have enough of it left over.
All non-U.S. Avocados please talk about food too, I know you have to eat this week and likely don’t have some obligatory holiday.