The Night Thread of Rebecca Rossellini, Mrs. Lupin (6/29)

Rebecca Rossellini: wealthy Italian socialite and actress.  A member of a powerful family.  She was the target of Lupin III, a Master third who runs with a crew of ne’er-do-wells.

His devious plan: to marry Rebecca in order to pilfer a priceless crown under protection from the local aristocratic families.  The wedding was always going to be a sham.  Lupin, after all, is a man who can’t be tied down to one woman… and if he did, it would be to fellow thief Fujiko Mine.

Unfortunately, there was something Lupin didn’t quite count on. Rebecca is actually a crazy adrenaline junkie.  The heist game is in her blood.  And one of her goals is to prove that she can outwit the legendary thief.  She also rather likes being married to him, which means she’s not going to give the one thing that Lupin wants from her… a divorce.

Rebecca always had a tough road ahead of her, given that for the four previous decades Lupin shows are always centered around the main five characters. She risks being seen as an interloper. A character forced into the narrative and disrupting the fun adventures. (She debuted in Lupin III, Part 4… a whole 30 years after the end of the last Lupin III, Part 3.)

Yet Rebecca is almost the perfect match for Lupin: someone who actually wants him to keep doing crimes, but is also clever enough herself to pull off her own heists. She and Lupin had a sort of Rear Window type relationship, where Lupin kinda doesn’t deserve her and he wants to be free to chase after other women … and yet he sorta does deserve her?