WWC France 2019: Round of 16

For some this is where the tournament starts, but oh boy was the group stage exciting. Argentina came back from 3-0 and were a just shy from advancing, Chile was denied by the woodwork, while Cameroon scored in the last of the last minutes to advance! Anyway, two teams enter one leaves… to the next round


Saturday 6/22

Germany v Nigeria

The Germans finally showed what they’re capable of scoring 4 against SA, but even when not convincing they were still winning. They’re Germany, they win. A tall order for Nigeria

Norway v Australia

An Australian team that got surprised by Italy were still able to finish 3rd in a group in which Brazil was third in one of the most unexpected groups, while Norway look fairly decent even in their defeat against France. Should be a leveled match

Sunday 6/23

France v Brazil

The hosts are the hosts are the hosts and as such are the favorites even if they barely won against Nigeria with a really strict application of the VAR. Of course they probably were not expecting Brazil this early. Brazil has been pretty underwhelming so far, but you can never write them off

England v Cameroon

The lads failed but will the ladies take it home? It’s coming home! In front they have Cameroon, whom are in the highest of high after qualifying in the last minute with one of the best goals of the tournament. But it’s coming home!

Monday 6/24

Spain v USA

The Spanish ladies did it thanks to Hermoso that has played, well, beautifully. Too bad they face the favorites of the tournament. The US not only won all their games they also have not conceded, it’d be sad to see Spain go, I hope they put on a fight

Sweden v Canada

Sweden ended second in their group as expected while Canada got their first place snatched by the Netherlands. This appears to be a pretty leveled match, not sure how exciting it would be for the spectators

Tuesday 6/25

Italy v China

Probably the biggest surprise of the tournament, the Italians not only qualified but were first in their group, a group they shared with Brazil and Australia. They’ll face China which haven’t been that good. Italy could carry on with their dark horse run

Japan v Netherlands

The Nadeshiko have been under-performing but still finished second on their group while Netherlands were able to finish first. It appears the ascent of the Dutch ladies is for real, we’ll see

In soccer other competitions:

Gold Cup 

Meh, nothing to report. Mexico defeated Canada, other defeated who they had to. We’ll see until the next round


Copa América

VAR continues to be a shitshow, Argentina keeps shitting the bed and hell even the Uruguayans that seemed to have their shit together only managed a draw against Japan. This has been a wacky tournament, with unexpected results and really questionable refereeing, so you know a typical Copa América