Bruce Campbell’s BirthDay Thread

June 22nd, 1958 is the date of birth of actor Bruce Campbell.  GROOVY!

They say you can fairly judge a man or woman based on the movie they know Tim Curry from….but what about “the Chin”?

Evil Dead? Darkman? Spider-Man 1…2…or 3? Maniac Cop? Waxwork II :Lost in Time? Congo?

How bout that sweet Old Spice commercial where he is crooning Hungry Like The Wolf?

From Ash to Brisco to Autolycus to Sam Axe, today we salute Mr. Bruce Campbell for his contributions to pop culture!

Bruce Campbell also shares his birthday with me- Steve – aka Mister Splendiferous!

So lets take a moment to celebrate all of the others born on June 22 and the whole month of June as well.

Have a great Saturday everybody and HAIL TO THE KING BABY!