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The Friday Politics Thread Drones On

Good morning everyone, and Happy Friday!

Or possibly Sad Friday, if we end up going to war with Iran.  Sometimes it feels like our government is made up of a bunch of pretend overlords from a Civilization game.  “Who needs a reason to take some territory?  Let’s kick some ass!” types.

Bolton is essentially Shaka from Civ 5, no?  But in real life, as we know, it’s not that simple.  Not simple at all.  In fact, more like endlessly complicated.  A fact that many government heads seem to miss.   And what’s even more worrisome is that they’re not missing it at all, but simply don’t care.   I guess we’ll have to just see what happens.

But in the meantime, I have to go invade some alien race that told me I was ugly in Stellaris.  That sort of insult just won’t stand!