A.P. Bio – Season 2, Episodes 12 & 13: “Ride the Ram” & “Kinda Sorta” (SERIES FINALE)

Well, that’s it everyone. A.P. Bio is donezo (barring some other network picking it up, and I love that we’re living in an era where that’s not such a ridiculous long-shot).

It’s sad to see this show go, especially since these last two episodes aren’t really built to serve as an end to the series. Yeah, Jack learns to not be completely unappreciative of his fellow Toledoans (Toledoites? Toledoers?), and there’s some progress on both his book deal and Lynette romance fronts, but it’s mostly just another couple eps of the characters dinking around, with a very open ending.

Ride the Ram
Jack not wanting to go to a party, showing up an hour after it starts to minimize the time he has to spend there, then, with horror, discovering it’s a two person dinner . . . that is by far the most I’ve ever related to Jack Griffin. The Spirit Week school rivalry never felt like it went big or wacky enough; I mean, we have multiple shots that are just students playing basketball. No jokes there, no plot advancement; it’s just high school basketball, presented to us seemingly to pad out the episode. Comedic highlight of the ep: definitely Helen’s stare-of-death towards Jack after he broke Ralph’s heart.

Kinda Sorta
Bit of an underwhelming finish to the series. Jack and Lynette’s romance has been cute, but building genuine drama out of it doesn’t seem to work too well (though the reveal that Lynette’s been dating other people this whole time is fantastic). Wish we could have gotten to see more of the kids doing their solo mission at the hotel; I’m especially bummed we didn’t get to see what Grace had planned for those pool supplies.

And that’s a wrap for A.P. Bio. While it’s never been my favorite comedy, it’s always been a reliably solid show, with just enough of an oddball twist to stand out from the pack, and a host of truly inspired performances (I’m truly sad that this is likely the last we’ll see of Heather). And as if to drive the knife in further . . . that ending. Can you imagine a Season 3 where Helen is a permanent student in Jack’s class? The possibilities are staggering!