Werewolves 94: Unit: Requiem Of The Daleks Part 6

K9 skittered around UNIT HQ nervously. He was worried his time was up but was still devoted to doing his duty. (After all, he was a very good boy.) He came upon one agent and barked happily as he got his result. This happiness was short lived however as the dastardly Daleks sprung on him in ambush! Fortunately for K9 before the Daleks could fully dismantle him a hidden component activated and he has been beamed far away in space and time back to the TARDIS so he could get repairs. (I can’t kill K9 y’all)

K9 Indy has been returned to The TARDIS he was the Surveillance Officer (Investigator)

Meanwhile, Liz Shaw was secretly working away in her office trying to look into time itself to get a leg up on those filthy humans she needed to Exterminate. She suddenly felt a strange feeling like she was suddenly cut off from time itself. When she opened her door to investigate she realized the problem.

ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Liz Shaw) has vanished. They were the Dalek Time Controller (Wolf Roleblocker)

Welcome to part 6 of UNIT Requiem Of The Daleks


9 U.N.I.T. Agents with

7 Vanilla Agents

1 Surveillance Officer (Investigator)

1 Medic

2 Osgoods

1 Internal Affairs Agent (Jailer)

3 Dalek controlled Robomen: with

2 Vanilla Daleks

1 Dalek Time Controller (Wolf Roleblocker)

1 The Master (Serial Killer)

1 Omega (New Serial Killer)

The Players! (That’s you!)

  1. Maccrocodile: Madame Vastra
  2. Sister Jude: Bill Potts
  3. Sheltie: Clarence Bodicker
  4. Sic: Desmond Hume
  5. Goat: An Alien Werewolf
  6. Lamb Dance: Jo Grant
  7. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts: Doctor Liz Shaw
  8. Hoho: Sonic Opossum
  9. Mr.Plow99: OodPlow
  10. Josephus Brown: Two Fashion Robots
  11. LouieBB: Inspector Space-Time
  12. ForgetitJake: Amanda The Scarf
  13. Otternomike:
  14. River Song: River Song
  15. Ralph: Captain Of Outer Space
  16. April: Drax
  17. Cop On The Edge(ish): Rory The Roman
  18. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa: Bender Bending Rodriguez
  19. Lindsay Gay Disaster: Nurse Flapjacks The Third
  20. Donalbain:
  21. Indy: K9

Part 6 Begins Now Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Part 5 Ends Wednesday, June 19th at Noon Pacific/3 Eastern (These days are going to get faster now that the endgame is approaching.