WWC France 2019: Group Stage Matchday 3

Ah matchday 3, were math will be involved and with third places also going in it’s gonna be so much fun. Also because of that, all games from the same group will be played at the same time to avoid shenanigans

Monday 6/17

Group A: France v Nigeria

After a great first game, France did what was required against Norway and are basically qualified, will still need to win to ensure the first place. Nigeria showed a better face against a disappointing South Korea and are completely on the hunt.

Group A: Norway v South Korea

South Korea has nothing to fight for except a miracle, but them being like -6 in the GD and against Norway it’s not gonna happen. Norway will certainly qualify and probably be second

Group B: China v Spain

Both teams have 3 points, with Spain having a slight advantage in GD. Spain’s Hermoso has shown great things, I think they can make it.

Group B: Germany v South Africa

The Germans had a lot of trouble against China and Spain but won both, because they’re German. South Africa has shown some sparks but they are outclassed. Even if they lose their 3 games I think they still had a good showing

Tuesday 6/18

Group C: Italy v Brazil

The tournament’s surprise, Italy, have 6 points on two really great performances while Brazil let the game against Australia slip thru their fingers and now need to win. Defeat is not an option for Brazil, flaming out in the group stage would be catastrophic

Group C: Australia v Jamaica

Australia is in the same predicament as Brazil but with a much easier rival. I think GD will decide this. Jamaica looked much better on their first game but were trounced 5-0 on the second and have nothing to fight for except honor

Wednesday 6/19

Group D: Japan v England

England has done the job and won both games, not convincingly but a win is a win. Japan dominated against Scotland but between the Scottish keeper and their own mistakes were barely able to win 2-1 asking for the whistle at the end. Japan needs at least a tie to ensure a second place qualification

Group D: Argentina v Scotland

After a surprising draw against Japan, Argentina could qualify with a win. Scotland has a much bleaker panorama but should also try to win. Should be fun

Thursday 6/20

Group E: Netherlands v Canada

A match that will decide the first place, both teams have the same GD but Netherlands have scored one goal more which I believe comes before goals conceded.

Group E: Cameroon v New Zealand

Both teams have lost both matches but they could still squeak through with a win, depending on GD. Cameroon has shown some sparks.

Thursday 6/20

Group F: Sweden v USA

Finally a proper match for the USWNT, Sweden had more issues with Chile and Thailand than the yanks but still won both fairly easily. A match that will decide the first place of the group. The US just needs a tie to clinch it.

Group F: Chile v Thailand

Thailand got their first goal ever, while Chile haven’t scored but have probably one of the best keepers of the competition (even if she has conceded 5 times, but without her they would have at least twice as many goals against). Chile still could squeak through if they go all out against Thailand, haven’t really demonstrated much power up top, though. So we’ll see

In soccer other competitions:

Gold Cup 

Eh, not really much to say so far. Mexico won easily, Costa Rica as well, the Americans play on Tuesday against Guyana. Should not much be much problems for them


Copa América

Ah, Argentina. They tried, they were all over Colombia but just couldn’t score. Colombia had two and was lethal. Group isn’t that though for them, so they should be able to still advance but a really bad start for them. On the other hand, Brazil just steamrolled Bolivia while Venezuela hung tight for the draw even with a red card against


And that’s that for now. A lot of football this summer