Werewolves 94: Unit: Requiem Of The Daleks Part 5

After the big move by the Daleks yesterday Agents Bill Potts and Jo Grant set out both certain that tonight would be an important one. Bill decided to head to the sickbay immediately. “I just know if I continue to analyze the blood sample from Drax the destroyer I can figure out what the Daleks are using to gain control over their Robomen. Unfortunately for her The Daleks had a similar thought and sent over the remaining Robomen to dispatch her. “You must not be able to find out more about us.” Said one of them. “You’ve gotten in the way of us one too many times Doctor!” Said another. “EXTERMINATE!” They all said in unison as they fired their stasers.

Bill Potts (Sister Jude) is dead They were The UNIT Medic

Meanwhile, Jo Grant was walking to her office to call in the next agent for questioning. Sadly though when she opened her door she found that her office was replaced with the Antimatter Dimension. “Oh no! Not here again! This isn’t good I must find a way to escape before Omega can kill me or whatever else he has in store.”

Jo Grant (Lamb Dance) has vanished. They were the Internal Affairs Agent (Jailer)

Welcome to Part 5 of UNIT Requiem Of The Daleks!


10 U.N.I.T. Agents with

11 Vanilla Agents

1 Surveillance Officer (Investigator)

1 Medic

2 Osgoods

1 Internal Affairs Agent (Jailer)

3 Dalek controlled Robomen: with

2 Vanilla Daleks

1 Dalek Time Controller (Wolf Roleblocker)

1 The Master (Serial Killer)

1 Omega (New Serial Killer)

The Players! (That’s you!)

  1. Maccrocodile: Madame Vastra
  2. Sister Jude: Bill Potts
  3. Sheltie: Clarence Bodicker
  4. Sic: Desmond Hume
  5. Goat: An Alien Werewolf
  6. Lamb Dance: Jo Grant
  7. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts: Doctor Liz Shaw
  8. Hoho: Sonic Opossum
  9. Mr.Plow99: OodPlow
  10. Josephus Brown: Two Fashion Robots
  11. LouieBB: Inspector Space-Time
  12. ForgetitJake: Amanda The Scarf
  13. Otternomike:
  14. River Song: River Song
  15. Ralph: Captain Of Outer Space
  16. April: Drax
  17. Cop On The Edge(ish): Rory The Roman
  18. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa: Bender Bending Rodriguez
  19. Lindsay Gay Disaster: Nurse Flapjacks The Third
  20. Donalbain:
  21. Indy: K9

Part 5 Begins Now Sunday, June 16, 2019 Part 4 Ends Monday, June 17th at 5 Pacific/8 Eastern.