Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (6/11)

Today’s prompt: What’s your favorite spoof/parody?

The newest Shaft movie comes out this weekend (bringing in Sam Jackson and Richard Roundtree one more time), which brings to mind the greatest tribute to the blaxsplotation genre ever.

Black Dynamite was directed by Scott Sanders and starring all-star running back Ferrante Jones (actually Michael Jai White). Pictured in the header is the helicopter scene where our hero Black Dynamite is clumsily green-screened against unconvincing footage of an explosion. While it makes you laugh about how bad it is, you also appreciate the can-do gumption of its inspirations.

It’s also got, like, my favorite trailer ever.

I just watched it again and I’m still laughing like the day it was released.

I don’t think my wife caught on that this was a parody until the very end. That’s how good of a spoof it is. And before you give her a hard time about it for not catching into the obvious jokes (and, yeah, maybe once they start in on the kung fu movie parody, she should’ve been clued in), you do realize how absolutely ludicrous movies like Dolemite and the Avenging Disco Godfather are, right?

One of the things that makes Black Dynamite work is that it was made by people who loved the very thing they were lampooning. Other great examples are Young Frankenstein, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, the 2000’s OSS 117 movies and Galaxy Quest.

As always, discuss any movies you’ve seen lately.

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