Weekly Styling & Grooming Thread: Skincare Guide

Welcome to the weekly Styling & Grooming Thread. This thread is for:

  • giving and receiving feedback and recommendations;
  • discussing skincare routines, product recommendations, hair cuts, clothing, etc. from our community;
  • diving into fashion-related topics at a more more in-depth level;
  • and getting a little confidence boost in the Selfie of The Week subthread!

Please be kind to one another! Don’t feel pressured to share any photos of yourself if you aren’t comfortable with showing your face or body. Physical appearance can be a sensitive subject, and we want this to be a safe space. Let’s all help each other get closer to matching how we look on the outside to who we are on the inside. 🙂

This week’s topic is: What is the most dramatic style shift you’ve ever made? How was it received?

This week features a BONUS topic! I wrote a skincare guide about a month ago that I thought might be of use to some people who don’t know where to start on their journey. You can find it here!