Job Rants Thread – 6/7/2019 – Open Table


Hey, all; Happy Friday-


Sadly, no topic this week. It hasn’t exactly been a banner few days for creativity, and the litany of things I could rant about would require me to start naming names and, despite the fact that I walk into that office every day like an inmate walking the Last Mile, it doesn’t mean I want to be fired.

Actually, check that; I wouldn’t necessarily mind that bit, it’s more that I can’t afford to be, right now. Can you tell I haven’t been sleeping?

Anyhoozen, that means that iit’s a free-for-all, this week; so, let it all hang out. If I can contribute something to this discussion, then allow me to just say that you’re all awesome, and that, though I might just be some faceless presence on the internet for most of you, I’m still pulling for your professional successes. I know that a few of you have shifted positions in the past few weeks, and that some others are currently in the process of searching for greener pastures; either way, best of luck!

As ever. have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend. And remember: Sometimes, just getting out the door is a victory onto itself.