Introduce Yourself!

It has been a while since we’ve done an introduction round, so here’s another!

To the members of our community who’ve joined us in the past few months, I bid a hearty WELCOME!

To the members who’ve been here longer: Glad you’re still here! Though I have no idea who half of you are with the constant user name change shenanigans.

Anyway … down to business: Talking about ourselves!

If you’re having trouble with that, some ideas:

  • How did you get here (the Avocado)?
  • Demographic information (age [range], area, gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnic identity, job, relationship status, preferred pronouns, etc.)
  • Hobbies and pets (the more wily among us tend to post pictures for upvote farming spreading cuteness)
  • Pop culture interests
  • Origins of your username and/or avatar
  • Where and how you acquired your superpowers …
  • … and info about your arch nemesis
  • Which animal you were in a previous life

Of course, you can share other things as well, and only share what you’re comfortable with!


Have fun!