Werewolves 94: Unit: Requiem Of The Daleks Part 1

It’s a seemingly normal sunny day just outside of Cardiff. Normal that is except for the fried corpses laying haphazardly around after a shootout. When it became abundantly clear that some of the deceased weren’t exactly human and some of the weapons were clearly neither from this time nor place the local authorities called U.N.I.T. onto the scene. U.N.I.T. Criminologist Verity Newman was hoping that it was something simple like a rogue Zygon or perhaps an alien weapon’s dealer just misusing their ill-gotten gains. But when she looked closely at the corpses she realized that it was anything but simple. “Robomen!” She shouted “But that could only mean one thing… Daleks! And if the Daleks have Robomen here,” She pondered, “Then they could be in U.N.I.T. too!” Verity, immediately ran back to her car to report on the grave findings to the Brigadier.


This is Werewolves 94 U.N.I.T: Requiem Of The Daleks.


17 U.N.I.T. Agents with

12 Vanilla Agents

1 Surveillance Officer (Investigator)

1 Medic

2 Osgoods

1 Internal Affairs Agent (Jailer)

5 Dalek controlled Robomen: with

4 Vanilla Daleks

1 Dalek Time Controller (Wolf Roleblocker)

1 The Master (Serial Killer)

The Players! (That’s you!)

  1. Maccrocodile: Madame Vastra
  2. Sister Jude: Bill Potts
  3. Sheltie: Clarence Bodicker
  4. Sic: Desmond Hume
  5. Goat: An Alien Werewolf
  6. Lamb Dance: Jo Grant
  7. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts: Doctor Liz Shaw
  8. Hoho: Sonic Opossum
  9. Mr.Plow99: OodPlow
  10.  Josephus Brown: Two Fashion Robots
  11. LouieBB: Inspector Space-Time
  12. ForgetitJake: Amanda The Scarf
  13. Otternomike:
  14. River Song: River Song
  15. Ralph: Captain Of Outer Space
  16. April: Drax
  17. Cop On The Edge(ish): Rory The Roman
  18. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa:
  19. Lindsay Gay Disaster: Nurse Flapjacks The Third
  20. Donalbain:
  21. Indy: K9

Part 1 Begins Now Thursday, June 6, 2019 Part 1 Ends Sunday, June 9th at 3 Pacific/6Eastern.