Following a villainous altercation gone wrong, Fred Myers, a.k.a. Boomerang, sees an opportunity to get the law off his back for good by declaring himself a newly reformed superhero! But going straight isn’t easy when you still owe a debt to the Kingpin of crime himself, Wilson Fisk! Or when you just… don’t really want to.

With all the various Macguffins destroyed, drunk, or otherwise disposed of, it looks like Fred and his friends might finally be in the clear! … Or at least, they would be, if not for the fact that he and Sandman have just fallen off the edge of a building. Oops.


Splash Page: 

In the center of the page, the form of SANDMAN is splayed out like an upside-down Vitruvian Man (or in a Christ pose, if you’ve got to go there). The miniature criss-crossing of the Manhattan streets below him tells us that he’s falling, and from pretty high up.

Swirling around Sandman are a number of scenes from his past:

A four-year-old William Baker plays happily at the beach, making sand castles.

A teenage William in football gear runs the ball down the field, effortlessly slipping through the arms of the defenders.

An adult Flint Marko sinks down to his waist in irradiated sand, staring at his arm in horror as it too melts into millions of individual grains.

Sandman fights Spider-Man as a member of the Sinister Six.

Sandman fights alongside Spider-Man as a member of Silver Sable International.

Flint hides out on Governor’s Island with his biological daughter Keemia1, teaching her how to make sand castles.

The caption boxes on this page (and the next) are not the typical captions for this book. They are brown in color, and the first one is in the shape of a sand castle.

CAPTION: You did good, William.

CAPTION: Well… you did okay.

CAPTION: Whatever else might have happened…

CAPTION: They can’t say you didn’t make your mark.


Panel 1:

Extreme close-up of SANDMAN, his brow wrinkling.

CAPTION: I wonder if this is going to hurt.

Panel 2:

Full-body shot of SANDMAN in free-fall, the windows of the Javits Center whizzing by him in a blur.

CAPTION: It’s been a long time since I actually felt pain.

CAPTION: I’d sure hate to start now.

Panel 3:

Extreme close-up of SANDMAN, his eyes closing almost peacefully.

CAPTION: Though I suppose it could be a nice change of pace.

Panel 4:

A second, purple caption box appears over an extreme close-up of Sandman’s eyes reopening.

CAPTION (PURPLE): Excuse you.

Panel 5:

Extreme close-up. A white-gloved hand reaches out and grabs Sandman by the belt.

CAPTION (PURPLE): There’s only room in this book for one narrator.

SANDMAN (OFF-PANEL): What the — ?


Splash Page:

SANDMAN hangs face down, held aloft by an arm around his waist. That arm belongs to none other than BOOMERANG. In Boomerang’s left hand is a rope, on which he swings through the air.


It’s the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15.

CAPTION (BOOMERANG): And that’d be me.


BOOMERANG: Lassorang.

BOOMERANG: Hell yeah.

At the bottom of the page is the issue’s title:

FRI                            .


Panel 1:

Wide shot. Down at street level, BOOMERANG deposits SANDMAN safely on the ground, still hanging about a foot in the air himself.

BOOMERANG: Damn, Flint, I’ve seen some big swings in my day.

BOOMERANG: But purposely depowering yourself while you’re in the middle of fighting the friggin’ Kingpin has got to take the cake.

SANDMAN: Hey, desperate times.

BOOMERANG: Mm. Better you than me, I guess.

Panel 2:

Medium shot. SANDMAN crosses one arm and uses the other to point at BOOMERANG, who likewise drops down to the ground, leaving the rope to dangle.

SANDMAN: You know, you could have run back there. After the explosion.

SANDMAN: But you didn’t.

Panel 3:

Close-up. BOOMERANG rubs the back of his head.

BOOMERANG: Yeah, well… I’ve done my share of running.

BOOMERANG: Lately it seems like the more I do it, the less it works.

BOOMERANG: Thought I’d try my luck with the alternative.

Panel 4:

Medium shot. SANDMAN crosses both arms now, grinning smugly at BOOMERANG.

SANDMAN: Mmhmm. And the fact that it was the right thing to do?

BOOMERANG: Didn’t even cross my mind.

SANDMAN: Whatever you say.

BOOMERANG: Oh, God, I already hate this.


BOOMERANG and SANDMAN, in close-up, turn in surprise at the sound of a new voice.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): I am begin–ing to miss the tim– when you w–re merely a nuisance, Fred–rick.

Panel 5:

Wide shot. SANDMAN and BOOMERANG both turn to see the KINGPIN (displayed on the viewscreen of his damaged and malfunctioning Zola body) storming out through the front doors of the Javits Center towards them.

CAPTION: Ruh roh.

KINGPIN: The two of y–u are going to regret th–t you ever —



Panel 1:

Wide shot. Down the street, in the distance, a fully-costumed SHOCKER runs at full speed towards the scene. He holds up one arm, waving it.

SHOCKER: I’m here, Fred!

SHOCKER: Beetle wanted me to betray you, but I told her no!

SHOCKER: Herman Schultz’s backstabbing days are over!

Panel 2:

Same framing. SHOCKER trips on a sewer grate and begins to fall face-first.

SHOCKER: If we go down, we go down to–


Panel 3:

Wide shot, deep framing. In the extreme foreground, Shocker’s Vibro-Shock Gauntlet hits the pavement, emitting a blast that proceeds to hit KINGPIN square in the chest. He is sent flying, violently cartwheeling along the ground until his robot body falls to pieces.



CAPTION: God, this guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

CAPTION: Really glad I botched killing him.

Panel 4:

Medium shot. SHOCKER pushes himself up onto his elbows as BOOMERANG squats down to address him.

SHOCKER: I’m, uh… here to help.

BOOMERANG: Well, you just one-shotted the Kingpin.

BOOMERANG: So I’d call that mission accomplished.

SHOCKER: …That was the Kingpin?

Panel 5:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG helps SHOCKER to his feet and pats him heartily on the arm.

BOOMERANG: Keep making moves like that and pretty soon you’ll have his job.

Panel 6:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG wanders away from SHOCKER, leaving him to slowly realize the full scope of what he’s just done.

SHOCKER: I’ll — ?

SHOCKER: That was — ?



Panel 1:

Wide shot. OVERDRIVE, ROCKET RACER, BIG WHEEL, MACH-VII, and SONGBIRD approach the three. Overdrive leads the pack, his arms spread in excitement.

OVERDRIVE: Holy ****, you guys.

OVERDRIVE: We just fought Ultron.

OVERDRIVE: We just beat Ultron!

OVERDRIVE: This is the best day of my life!

OVERDRIVE: … Is that Shocker?

Panel 2:

Two-shot of BIG WHEEL and SANDMAN. Big Wheel points towards the remains of the Zola bot.

BIG WHEEL: Better question: Is that — ?

SANDMAN: Arnim Zola.

SANDMAN: Must have heard about what we got our hands on, somehow.

Panel 3:

Wide shot. MACH-VII glares knowingly at BOOMERANG, who looks back and forth between Mach-VII and SANDMAN in surprise.

MACH-VII: Well. Good thing the two of you were there to handle him.

Panel 4:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG stands smiling behind SHOCKER, rubbing Shocker’s shoulders.

BOOMERANG: More like good thing ‘ol Herman was here! He’s the one who took him out.

SHOCKER: Wait, that was Zola? You just said it was —

BOOMERANG: A team effort? Yeah, it was. But you don’t have to be humble about it.

Panel 5:

Wide shot of the group. Police sirens sound as two patrol cars pull up at the curb. The villains in the bunch start to back away.

SOUND EFFECT: *Screech!*

SOUND EFFECT: *Woop-woop!*

ROCKET RACER: Oh, good. Now they show up.

BOOMERANG: Well, we have caused several more explosions than we had when we first needed them.

SHOCKER: Should we, um… get out of here?

SONGBIRD: No need. Abe filled me in on what you’ve all been up to.

SONGBIRD: You have nothing to worry about.

Panel 6: 

Medium shot of the police cruiser. Two COPS emerge from the vehicle with their guns drawn and pointed at the group. The passenger uses the ajar door as cover, the driver leans over the roof.

FIRST COP: Nobody move!

SECOND COP: Hands up!

CAPTION: Oh, yeah. Totally under control.

Panel 7:

Two-shot. In profile, MACH-VII approaches the nearest COP with his palms out. She squints at him.

MACH-VII: It’s okay, Officers.

MACH-VII: They’re all with me.

FIRST COP: Uh huh.

FIRST COP: And you are?

Panel 8:

Medium shot. MACH-VII frowns, as behind him SANDMAN pinches the bridge of his nose, and BOOMERANG bites his finger to keep from laughing.

SECOND COP (OFF-PANEL): Hey, it’s Sandman!


Panel 1:

An interrogation room. A disheveled BIG WHEEL, seen from head-on, sits across the table from a barely visible Sergeant. A tape recorder sits in front of him. He spreads his hands wide and gestures as energetically as the long-chain handcuffs around his wrists will let him.

BIG WHEEL: I’m telling you exactly what happened! Doctor Octopus was inhabiting the body of the Living Brain! That’s why it had the tentacles!

SERGEANT (OFF-PANEL): Riiiight. So it was the Living Brain… and Doctor Octopus… and Ultron?

Panel 2:

Same framing, except BIG WHEEL is replaced by OVERDRIVE. He hesitates to make eye contact with the sergeant, absent-mindedly making a circle on the table with his index finger.

OVERDRIVE: Oh, yeah… we kinda, sorta… gave him the Ultron head. By accident! Mostly, we were just trying to keep the serum away from him.

SERGEANT (OFF-PANEL): Hang on. Now there’s a serum?

Panel 3: 

Same framing, with ROCKET RACER now in the hot seat. He seems fairly calm, counting off almost casually on his fingers.

ROCKET RACER: It’s more like an experimental enzyme. It… ‘fixes’ DNA. So, pour some on a corpse, you get a clone.

ROCKET RACER: Or something like that. I’m not a biochemist.

SERGEANT (OFF-PANEL): I take it that’s why Arnim Zola was also present?

Panel 4:

Same framing, SANDMAN’s turn. He sits motionless, hands folded.

SANDMAN: I mean… Zola. Genetic modification.

SANDMAN: You don’t exactly need a roadmap to connect those two dots.

SERGEANT (OFF-PANEL): Uh-huh. And this conflict with Zola… That was the source of the roof explosion?

Panel 5:

Same framing, now BOOMERANG. He holds up his hands in a gesture of innocence.


BOOMERANG: Oh, don’t look at me for that one. That was all Shocker, top to bottom.

BOOMERANG: Real quality work, though.

BOOMERANG: You should give him a commendation. Ooh! Or a parade.

BOOMERANG: He’d love a parade.

Panel 6:

Same framing, now SHOCKER. He leans forward, weakly holding up one finger as if to say ‘come again?’

SHOCKER: I really don’t… what?


Panel 1:

Wide shot. The SERGEANT stands in the open door of the holding cell that BOOMERANG, SANDMAN, SHOCKER, OVERDRIVE, ROCKET RACER, and BIG WHEEL currently occupy, hands on his hips.

SERGEANT: Let it be known that I don’t like it…

SERGEANT: But on the recommendation of Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Gold…

SERGEANT: The six of you are free to go.

CAPTION: Do you believe in miracles!?

At the edge of the panel, KL’RT THE SUPER SKRULL is hustled by a COP towards a neighboring cell, glowing cuffs around his wrists.

SUPER SKRULL: This is madness! I’ve done nothing!

Panel 2:

Outside the precinct. The sky is turning orange as the sun begins to set. Two shot of BOOMERANG and MACH-VII, more or less in profile. Mach-VII’s arms are crossed.

MACH-VII: Well, Fred, I guess this is it.


BOOMERANG: You’re gonna make me say it, aren’t you?

MACH-VII: I’m actually not.

Panel 3:

Same framing. BOOMERANG looks up at MACH-VII with some actual sincerity.


MACH-VII: That question could mean a lot of different things right now.

BOOMERANG: You saved my life. Which, fine, I’ll give you that one. You’re a ‘hero’ now.

BOOMERANG: But then you helped me. You trusted me. You covered for me.


Panel 4:

Same framing.

MACH-VII: You really don’t remember, do you?

BOOMERANG: Apparently not.

Panel 5:

Close-up of MACH-VII.

MACH-VII: Kingpin once had me over the exact same barrel as you.

MACH-VII: Give him what he wanted and betray my teammates, or disappear.

MACH-VII: I know what a situation like that can drive someone to do. And I know those things aren’t indicative of who that person truly is.


Panel 1:

Back to the two-shot. BOOMERANG crosses his arms.

BOOMERANG: When was this?

MACH-VII: It was…

MACH-VII: Fred. The Syndicate. You were the teammate I betrayed.

Panel 2:

Same framing. MACH-VII holds both arms out towards BOOMERANG. Boomerang puts a hand on his chin.

MACH-VII: That was why I let you get arrested!

BOOMERANG: No kidding.

MACH-VII: We talked about this two days ago!

BOOMERANG: Maybe you did.

Panel 3:

Same framing. MACH-VII holds his face in his hands.

Panel 4:

Same framing. MACH-VII puts a hand on BOOMERANG’S shoulder. Boomerang half turns away.

MACH-VII: Listen. I don’t expect you to change overnight. At this point I don’t know if I should expect you to change at all.

MACH-VII: But if you aren’t going to help people, could you at least consider not screwing over everyone you meet?

MACH-VII: It makes life a lot easier.


BOOMERANG: I’ll give it some thought.

BOOMERANG: But I make no promises.

Panel 5:

Same framing. BOOMERANG reaches out to shake MACH-VII’S hand.

BOOMERANG: It’s been nice knowing you, Abe. And I’m starting to think I might actually mean that.

MACH-VII: Nice try.

MACH-VII: Your next parole check-in is in six days. And don’t think I won’t report you if you miss it.

CAPTION: Worth a shot.

Panel 6:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG jogs away from MACH-VII and calls out to the others. Behind him, Mach-VII folds his arms and shakes his head, smiling.

BOOMERANG: Hey fellas, I think I’m finally sobering up.

BOOMERANG: Let’s go get drunk!


Panel 1:

Wide shot. BOOMERANG, SHOCKER, SANDMAN, OVERDRIVE, ROCKET RACER, and BIG WHEEL are gathered around a table in the Bar With No Name, having a raucous good time (save, perhaps, for the ever-stoic Sandman). Boomerang hangs his arm over Shocker’s shoulder while Rocket Racer points across the table at them both.

BOOMERANG: And how ’bout Shocker over here, showing Kingpin who’s really in charge?!

SHOCKER: Is… is that what you said happened?

BIG WHEEL: Kingpin?


BOOMERANG: What’d I say?

ROCKET RACER: Every villain in the city’s gonna want to fight you now, man!

SHOCKER: Is that… what you all said happened?

Panel 2:

Another wide shot. BOOMERANG sips at his beer. ROCKET RACER scoffs into his Rum & Coke.

BOOMERANG: Look, I, for one, am just surprised this went as well as it did.

BIG WHEEL: I’m sorry… you think this went well?

OVERDRIVE: By our standards?

BOOMERANG: Extremely well.


ROCKET RACER: Remind to never take on another job with you, then.

Panel 3:


BIG WHEEL: What if you never had to take on another job at all?

ROCKET RACER: Come again?

Panel 4:

Medium two-shot of the pair. BIG WHEEL is quite impassioned, while ROCKET RACER appears skeptical.

BIG WHEEL: You impressed me this week, Robert.


BIG WHEEL: Clearly I was wrong about you, and… I’m sorry.

BIG WHEEL: I know there’s not a lot of money to be made in heroism. And public speaking isn’t particularly lucrative either — at least not the way I do it.

BIG WHEEL: But I do know a good investment when I see one.

BIG WHEEL: Let me fund your engineering work. We can register your patents, get your creations out into the world!


Panel 1:

Close-up of BIG WHEEL over ROCKET RACER’S shoulder.

ROCKET RACER: That’s real nice, Wheele, but I don’t need your charity.

BIG WHEEL: This wouldn’t be charity. It would be a partnership.

BIG WHEEL: I can run the business and ensure that money keeps coming in for your family. You can field-test the products via whatever crime-fighting activities your heart desires.

BIG WHEEL: No strings attached, no way for anyone to manipulate you ever again.

Panel 2:

Medium shot of the table. ROCKET RACER scratches his ear thoughtfully as OVERDRIVE leans in.

ROCKET RACER: You really think my stuff would sell?

OVERDRIVE: Dude. You have a skateboard that can climb walls.

OVERDRIVE: It’ll sell.

Panel 3:

Different medium shot of the table. BOOMERANG is visible, arms crossed.

BIG WHEEL: Our paths were rejoined for a reason, Bob. I honestly think this could be it.

BOOMERANG: You’re not even gonna consider that the reason was to help me?

Panel 4:

Close-up of BIG WHEEL.

BIG WHEEL: Frederick, I say this with love.

BIG WHEEL: But if the universe has decided that you are of cosmic importance, we’d have been better off letting Ultron kill us all.

Panel 5:

Wide shot. Everyone bursts into laughter; even SANDMAN can’t help but chuckle. OVERDRIVE and SHOCKER lean in particularly close to BOOMERANG.

OVERDRIVE: OOF! Blasted by Big Wheel!

SHOCKER: That’s gotta sting even more than usual.

BOOMERANG: Shut up, Shocker.


Panel 1:

Wide shot of the table from BOOMERANG’S POV; in clockwise order, OVERDRIVE, ROCKET RACER, BIG WHEEL, SANDMAN, and SHOCKER all look out at us, laughing happily.

CAPTION: These guys, right?

CAPTION: Who would have seen a moment like this coming a week ago?

CAPTION: God, has it really only been a week? Feels more like ages.

Panel 2:

Wide shot of the full table. BOOMERANG raises his bottle in a toast.


BOOMERANG: We made a pretty good team, somehow.

BOOMERANG: And on top of that, we all survived!

BOOMERANG: Well… almost all of us.

Panel 3:

Close-up of BIG WHEEL. He nods solemnly and holds up his glass of Coke.

BIG WHEEL: Indeed.


Panel 4:

Wide shot of the table, everyone glancing hesitantly at one another. BIG WHEEL still holds up his glass.

Panel 5:

Same framing. BOOMERANG waggles his hand and SANDMAN shakes his head. BIG WHEEL lowers his bottle and frowns slightly.

BOOMERANG: Eeeeeeehhhhhhh…

ROCKET RACER: That feels a little…


Panel 6:

Two-shot of OVERDRIVE and BOOMERANG. Overdrive holds up his own beer.



Panel 7:

Close-up of everyone’s various glasses and bottles (straight whiskey for Sandman, a Screwdriver for Shocker) clinking together.



Panel 1:

Wide shot. SANDMAN stands up from the table. To one side, OVERDRIVE leans over to whisper to BOOMERANG.

SANDMAN: Right. Well, as little fun as this has been…

SANDMAN: I’ve been wearing this exact same shirt for almost a decade, and if I don’t take it off soon, I’m gonna lose my ****ing mind.

OVERDRIVE: I knew it.

SANDMAN: So I’m going home.

Panel 2:

Wide shot. SANDMAN stands over the rest of the table. He looks down at his own hand, flexing it.

ROCKET RACER: Are you gonna be okay? Without your powers, I mean.

SANDMAN: You kidding?

SANDMAN: Sure, it’ll take some getting used to. But for the first time I can remember… I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow.

BOOMERANG: Yeah, you get to have your first hangover!


ROCKET RACER: He’s just being a jerk. No one deserves a second chance more than you, man.

OVERDRIVE: Darn right! Go carpe that diem!

Panel 3:

Wide shot. SANDMAN moves around the table to where BOOMERANG is seated. Boomerang stands up to shake his hand.


SANDMAN: I can’t believe I’m saying this… but you’re okay in my book.

SANDMAN: Barely.

BOOMERANG: Right back at ya, pal.

Panel 4:

Wide shot. BOOMERANG calls off-panel to the departing Sandman. Behind him, DEKE, the bartender, raises a finger to interject.

BOOMERANG: I’mma call you!


BOOMERANG: That’s fair.

DEKE: Hey, uh…

DEKE: If you’re all leaving, I don’t suppose I could raise the small matter of Boomerang’s tab?

BOOMERANG: I’d rather you didn’t.

Panel 5:

Medium shot. BIG WHEEL, still seated, calls out towards the bar. BOOMERANG, visible in the background, is stunned.

BIG WHEEL: I’ll pay it off.

BOOMERANG: Say what, now?

Panel 6:

Medium shot. BIG WHEEL stands and puts a hand on BOOMERANG’S shoulder. Boomerang does likewise to Big Wheel.

BIG WHEEL: You’ve earned the right to a fresh start, Frederick. I may not be able to give you one in the eyes of the law, but ensuring that you have a clean slate at this… fine establishment… is the very least I can do.

BIG WHEEL: Maybe that way you can frequent it a little less often?


BOOMERANG: That is a very generous offer. I accept.

Panel 7: 

Wide shot. BOOMERANG and BIG WHEEL have not moved relative to the last panel, but we now see DEKE once again leaning over the bar with a finger raised.

DEKE: Hey, you do realize that he’s got —

BOOMERANG: Listen to the man, Deke.

CAPTION: You know, it physically pains me to admit this… but Abe did have a point back there.


Panel 1:

Wide shot. A warehouse converted to a crude office space. ROCKET RACER sits at a workbench in the middle distance, welding away, while in the foreground, BIG WHEEL flips through contracts at a desk.

CAPTION: We can all stand to mend some fences every now and then.

Panel 2:

Wide shot. ROCKET RACER holds up what he’s working on: a 1/15-scale version of the Big Wheel. It waves at BIG WHEEL with one of its waldo arms. Big Wheel rolls his eyes.

Panel 3:

Wide shot. SANDMAN (now wearing a hoodie over a blue pullover shirt!) peers through the window of a foster home, inside which several children play. One particular child — KEEMIA — sits apart from the others, using aqua sand to build underwater sand castles in an otherwise empty fish tank.

CAPTION: Even if it seems like those bridges have been burned for good.

Panel 4:

Medium shot. SANDMAN pulls up his hood and walks away from the home, leaving a note on the windowsill.

Panel 5:

Wide shot. KEEMIA has opened the window and is holding the note. She leans out to look for who might have left it, but she sees no one.

CAPTION: Is that a mixed metaphor?

CAPTION: Either way.


Panel 1:

Wide shot. SILVER SABLE stands in a parking garage addressing OVERDRIVE, in street clothes. SANDMAN is also there, accompanying him.

CAPTION: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

SILVER SABLE: We shouldn’t have much trouble finding room on the payroll for a driver.

SILVER SABLE: Especially if you’re as good as William says you are.

OVERDRIVE: I really can’t thank you enough.

SANDMAN: Don’t thank her just yet.

SILVER SABLE: He’s right. There is one more thing…

Panel 2:

Medium shot. Behind OVERDRIVE, SPIDER-MAN lowers himself from the ceiling on a strand of web, upside down. Without even turning around, Overdrive’s eyes grow comically wide in shock.


SPIDER-MAN: I hear you did me a pretty big solid back there.

Panel 3:

OVERDRIVE, his expression unchanged, turns to see SPIDER-MAN extending a hand to him.


Panel 4:

Two-shot of SILVER SABLE and SANDMAN. In the background, SPIDER-MAN stands awkwardly with one hand on his hip and the other behind his head. A star floats up from the spot on the ground where Overdrive has fainted.


SILVER SABLE: Okay. Now you owe me one.

CAPTION: This really is a business of relationships.

Panel 5:

Wide shot, a courtroom. The HEAD JUROR stands up in the jury box and begins reading a statement.

CAPTION: Whether that’s for better or for worse.

HEAD JUROR: We, the jury, find the defendant, Janice Lincoln, a.k.a. Beetle…

HEAD JUROR: Not Guilty.

Panel 6:

Wide shot of the counsel tables for the the Defense and the Prosecution. At the former, an unmasked BEETLE, dressed in a skirt suit, sighs happily. At the latter, SHE-HULK’S jaw drops in anger and disbelief.

Panel 7:

Wide shot. The HEAD JUROR, in the foreground, glances nervously across the courtroom at TOMBSTONE, seated in the gallery. Tombstone gives him a nod.

CAPTION: (A lot of the time, it’s for worse.)


Panel 1:

We return once again to Wilson Fisk’s penthouse, where the shadowy figure of the KINGPIN sits smoking at a desk, backlit by the view of the San Francisco skyline, which he observes through a large bay window. Off to one side stands a man in a suit.

CAPTION: The people who remember that have a tendency to come out on top.

KINGPIN: Easley.

EASLEY: Yes, Mr. Fisk.

KINGPIN: What news?

Panel 2:

Close-up of EASLEY. Cigar smoke wafts in front of his face.

EASLEY: We sent men down to the scene.

EASLEY: The tentacles and the head had already been collected and brought to a secure facility.

EASLEY: The remains of the body, however, were placed in a simple evidence locker, just as you predicted.

Panel 3:

Wide shot. Two COPS (or perhaps simply men dressed as cops), search through an evidence locker with flashlights. One of the beams of light falls across the twisted and charred remains of the LIVING BRAIN.

EASLEY (OFF-PANEL): We were able to secure the item with minimal difficulty.

KINGPIN (OFF-PANEL): Is it intact?

Panel 4:

Wide shot. A lab. Several MEN AND WOMEN in lab coats type away at computers in the background. In the foreground, another WOMAN drips different colored liquids from one test tube into another using a pipette.

EASLEY (OFF-PANEL): Not entirely. But we are optimistic that most, if not all, of the data can be salvaged.

EASLEY (OFF-PANEL): Before long, we will have a complete record of all the lab work being done at Parker Industries.

EASLEY (OFF-PANEL): Including the formula for the Tabula Rasa Serum.

Panel 5:

Close-up of the KINGPIN, smiling calmly as he holds his cigar away from his face.

KINGPIN: Excellent.

KINGPIN: You see, Easley?

KINGPIN: Frederick did his job after all.


Panel 1:

Wide shot, Boomerang’s apartment. BOOMERANG, wearing an Orioles tee shirt and sweatpants, sits slumped on a chair in front of the TV, a video game controller in his hands. Beside him on the armrest is an open bag of Cheetos spilling out onto the cushion and the floor. Over on the end table, Boomerang’s phone buzzes.

CAPTION (GENERIC): Six Months Later

CAPTION: As for me?

CAPTION: I’ve always been a team player at heart.


BOOMERANG: Aw, c’mon, that should have been a strike.

SOUND EFFECT: *bzz bzzzzz*

Panel 2:

Close-up of Boomerang’s phone. The screen displays four unread texts, in four separate bubbles. They read:

 – Fred!?!?

– You were supposed to be here an hour ago!


– (It’s Abner, btw)

The display attributes the messages to ‘COCK 7.’

Panel 3:

Same as Panel 1.

BOOMERANG: None of these programmers ever think of wind resistance.

SOUND EFFECT: *bzz bzzzzz*

CAPTION: It just… depends on the team.

Panel 4:

Same framing. BOOMERANG puts down the controller and cranes his head back towards his apartment door.

SOUND EFFECT: *Knock knock knock!*

Panel 5:

Same framing. BOOMERANG is out of the chair, looking through the peephole.

Panel 6:

Tall panel, close-up. BOOMERANG undoes a series of various locks running all the way down the side of his door.

SOUND EFFECT: *klick* *chk* *clink* *clik* *ka-chunk*


Panel 1:

Wide shot. OVERDRIVE opens the door and steps inside. BOOMERANG is already making his way back to the TV.

OVERDRIVE: Do you really have to use every lock all the time?


Panel 2:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG expertly throws the controller across the apartment, right into OVERDRIVE’S hands.

OVERDRIVE: Whatcha got going?

BOOMERANG: You’re the Mets.

BOOMERANG: Good luck.

OVERDRIVE: How come we never play Mario Kart?

BOOMERANG: I know better than to play you in Mario Kart.

Panel 3:

Wide shot. OVERDRIVE plops down into the chair, sending Cheetos flying. BOOMERANG makes his way over to the kitchen area and throws a bag of popcorn into the microwave.

BOOMERANG: How’s the job?

OVERDRIVE: Eh, still mostly chauffeuring.

OVERDRIVE: Sable’s got her annual state dinner in Latveria next month. Sounds like I might be able to tag along for that.

Panel 4:

Similar framing. BOOMERANG leans over the counter. OVERDRIVE’S head suddenly perks up as the controller drops to his lap.

BOOMERANG: Think Doom’ll recognize you?

SOUND EFFECT: *Steeeeeee-rike Three!*

Panel 5:

Same framing. OVERDRIVE turns around in the chair while BOOMERANG opens the fridge.

OVERDRIVE: Why would you put that in my head!?

BOOMERANG: ‘Cause it’s funny.

Panel 6:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG pulls two beers from the fridge, one in each hand. He shuts the door behind him with his foot.

OVERDRIVE (OFF-PANEL): You hear from anyone else?

SOUND EFFECT (OFF-PANEL): *bzz bzzzzz*

BOOMERANG: Not lately.

BOOMERANG: Saw Wheele at Group.


Panel 1:

Medium shot. OVERDRIVE moves over to the counter and takes his beer from BOOMERANG.

OVERDRIVE: Herman’d probably come over one of these days, if we asked him.

BOOMERANG: Ah, he’s a busy guy.

BOOMERANG: New York’s latest superhero and all.

Panel 2:

Wide shot. BOOMERANG suddenly runs off into the other room.

BOOMERANG: Holy ****! I almost forgot.

BOOMERANG: I found like a dozen more pieces last week.

Panel 3:

Medium shot. OVERDRIVE opens his beer.

OVERDRIVE: You know you’re never gonna find them all, right?

BOOMERANG (OFF-PANEL): I know. Which is why, in classic Fred Myers fashion, I threw away the instructions.

Panel 4:

Wide shot. BOOMERANG emerges from the bedroom holding a large LEGO model. While it’s made of pieces from his old Millennium Falcon, it looks much more like a B-2 bomber, only even more explicitly shaped like a boomerang.

BOOMERANG: Behold… the Boomwing!


OVERDRIVE: That’s fantastic.


Panel 5:

Close-up of the Boomwing model, placed on the counter. The heads of BOOMERANG and OVERDRIVE fill the background, both of them bent over to take a closer look at it. Boomerang turns thoughtfully to Overdrive.

CAPTION: Yeah, it turns out even a cynical bastard like myself will tell you…

Panel 6:

Same framing. OVERDRIVE meets BOOMERANG’S gaze, eyes wide. Boomerang smiles at him.

OVERDRIVE: Ohhh, no.



Splash Page:

Extreme wide shot. The streets of Manhattan can be seen far below, but the majority of the page is filled with the shape of the now full-size BOOMWING rocketing off into the skies, a halo of nanite stars still fading from its surface. In the cockpit, OVERDRIVE sits at the helm, grinning like a maniac, while BOOMERANG sits in the copilot seat. He has two fists raised triumphantly over his head as he whoops with glee.

CAPTION: Having friends can be all right.