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Sports Corner – June 5, 2019

The NBA finals are tied 1-1, and the Warriors seem to running out of healthy players, with KD still recovering, Klay hurting, and rising star Looney out.  As is often the case, the title might simply go to the team that has the most healthy players.  Of course, if Dray and Steph still healthy, that could be enough for GSW.  Game three, in this glacially paced series, is tonight.

And over in the NHL, it’s 2-2, and anyone’s guess how it comes out. I fully expect a game seven.

There is also French Open tennis, the run-up to the women’s FIFA World Cup, the Belmont Stakes, Liverpool’s win in the Champions League, and baseball grinding through what I am finding to be another dull season.  As ever, all sports subject welcome.