Game of Thrones Character Tournament – Round Three

I think it should go without saying, but spoilers for all 8 eights seasons possible here and allowed in the comments.

It’s the Sweet 16 now, and it only half matches the 16 featured in the header image. Round 2 had frankly less real competition than Round 1. So let’s see if things get closer with the narrowing field, or if the results keep only getting more decisive.

Results Round-Up.

  • We’re actually just short of an even field now with 7 female characters to 9 male characters.
  • The Lannister – Stark rivalry remains center staged, with both Houses having 4 characters left in the tournament. On the other hand, House Targaryen and House Baratheon were eradicated last round- leaving with House Tyrell as the only other great house with multiple surviving characters (2).
  • The biggest blow-out was Olenna’s 84-10 route of Joffrey. Olenna had the most upvotes of the round, while Podrick had the least at 6.
  • The only upset in terms of seeding was 20) Catelyn Stark over 13) Lyanna Mormont. The 52-34 difference between them was as close as anything match go in Round 2. Coincidientally, the next closest match was also a Stark-Mormont match up: Ned 57-26 win over Jorah the Andal. Lyanna was the most upvoted eliminated character. And Now Her Watch Has Ended.


The Realm Remembers

  • Game of Thrones has really good casting for its child part, with Lyanna Mormont and Shireen Baratheon being great example where what could have a throw away character turned into a huge scene stealer.
  • Great casting also came in the form of Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon. I remember the first time I watched this show I was mostly very confused through the first two episodes, and the one thing that made me want to keep going was how much I hated Joffrey after episode 2.
  • Rose Leslie’s turn as Ygritte was a fun one, really carrying what might had otherwise been a ponderous romantic arch. There was chemistry there from the get-go of her initial teasing.
  • I think it’s a little under appreciated how Daenarys undergoes one of the biggest changes over the course of the series. Well, her heel turn at the end is rushed – but looking back at her in the first episodes of season 1, it’s striking seeing the meek girl she was at the start compared to the willful conquerer she was in the middle of the series. Dracerys holds up as one of the most epic moments in the series.
  • Iain Glen was always one of my favorite fixtures of this show with his beautiful voice and all, and I don’t really like how Jorah is often just labeled as the “friendzone” guy. I like the underplayed moment in Season 5 where he learns about his father’s death.
  • Theon had some highs and low. His Season 3 storyline with Ramsay is really awful, and validates the decision to have left him off stage for that part in that books. But Alfie Allen also got to do some great work, beginning with his amazing storyarch in Season 2. I love his acting in Season 4 at Moat Caitlin, when he has to pull of the balance between Reek and Theon. I found his death in Season 8 disappointing – yes, “You’re a good man, Theon” was touching, but I after his long journey from Theon to Reek to back to Theon – I’d have liked to have seen him serve more of a purpose in the final season than as a fairly meaningless casualty to the Night King

The spirit of a tournament like this is the criteria for how you judge these characters is whatever you want it to be as determine who the “best” characters according to the Avocado are. Though since this is a TV show tournament, I would suggest looking at characters more through the lense of their TV versions.

All 8 matches will be posted below, and all typical Avocado Tournament Rules apply. Here’s a link to view the full bracketYou will have at least 40 hours to vote before matchups are closed.