The Contras: It’s The Incompetence, Stupid

I have a theory.  My theory is that there is no deep state, or massive government conspiracies.  But there are cover-ups, because individuals or departments of the government do things that are embarrassing, stupid and sometimes criminal and they don’t want the public to know for obvious reasons.  I have noticed a spreading of  this incompetency into many, many areas of our lives.  In the past week I had a CPA tell me that beneficiary IRA distributions weren’t taxable, had a dispute with EZPass NJ that is clearly caused by their equipment and received a delivery delay notice on an item that has been at my house for two days.

I’m not here to blame the poor soul getting paid $12 / hr. to be yelled at by me on the phone.  Entire systems have been designed for “productivity” when in fact they don’t improve the efficiency of service delivery but simply push part of the job onto the customer.  Even people with advanced degrees like CPA’s are so reliant on the software they can’t recognize that there might be a problem.  I see this as an issue that is getting worse, while ordering a do-dad from Amazon and getting it in your mailbox the next day is fantastic – if there is a problem more often than not nobody can solve it.  My office manager is often hanging up the phone and yelling at the ceiling, “Why can’t anybody do their jobs anymore!”  Am I just Abe Simpson yelling at the cloud – or do others have similar experiences?