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Sports Corner – May 29, 2019

A sad week in the sports world with the passings of Packers legend Bart Starr, slugger Bill Buckner, and Auburn radio voice Rod Bramblett.  Starr was before my time, but he’s long defined the epic success of the 60s Packers.  Bramblett was not someone I listened to, but the bond between the fans of college teams and the men who bring the games is deep and widely known.  And Buckner…well, as a Mets fan his one bad moment is part of our lore, but no man should ever be judged by that one bad moment.  He was a great player, and by all accounts a good sport who learned how to cope with that moment.  All will be missed, all will be remembered.

And elsewhere…

  • The NBA Finals are finally here.  The first in Toronto.  The last in Oakland.
  • The Bruins take the first game.  How will the Blues respond?
  • Every day, there seems to be something new and broken and funny and about the Lakers.  Feels like Magic’s reputation has really taken a hit.
  • Memorial Day means we can start following the baseball standings.  What are the Twins still doing in first?
  • UEFA Champions League final this Saturday.  An all-England affair, played in Madrid.

As always, all sports topics welcome.