Best British Band (that isn’t the Beatles or Rolling Stones) Tournament Round 2

Round 1 is over and votes have been counted. 16 bands continue in the tournament.  

The Kinks absolutely thrashed Coldplay (95-12). The Zombies and Dire Straits both beat their competition, the Buzzcocks and the Pogues respectively, by a mere 5 votes each.

There were no ties which left me without the unpleasant task of deciding the winner.

Some facts about Round 1:

Band that received the most votes: The Kinks with 95

Band that received the least votes: Coldplay with 12

Band that received the most votes and was still eliminated: ELO with 48

Band that received the least votes and won their match: The Zombies with 45

Voting will be open 24-ish hours. So vote, have fun and remember to leave comments above the matches.