Comic Book Review – Old Man Quill #4 (of 12)

Old Man Quill # 4 (of 12)

Writer – Ethan Sacks

Artist – Ibraim Roberson

“The Cowboy Who Started the Fight”

Recap – “When Peter Quill’s strategic miscalculation left his planet undefended, the Universal Church of Truth destroyed Spartax. Blaming himself, Quill spent years in self-imposed exile, unable to spur himself to any action except days spent drinking to forget when he couldn’t cryo-sleep them away. But the Guardians of the Galaxy have pulled him into one last mission – and chance for redemption: Return to Earth to retrieve an artifact to stop the Universal Church of Truth from destroying other planets. The Earth’s had a rough go of it since he’s last been there, with Doctor Doom currently overlord of the Wastelands that remain after the super villains took out the planet’s heroes. Faced with injustice on such a scale, Quill has slowly come out of his shell and taken action against the oppressors as he encounters them, while the Church’s agents follow in relentless pursuit. Hailed as a hero after liberating a town from the Wrecking Crew, Peter had a bounty placed on his head by Doom. Seeking the reward, the Ghost Rider Gang planned an ambush. Now prisoner of Taskmaster’s brutal gladiatorial arena as a result, Peter and his fellow captives must try to survive the main event – and Fin Fang Foom has just been unleashed.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Woman, and prisoners dressed as superheroes defend themselves against the mighty Fin Fang Foom. As one on one attacks against the monstrous dragon are fruitless, Mantis sets up a telepathic link between all of the Guardians. As Drax distracts Fin Fang Foom, Spider-Woman “fastball specials” Quill to a drone overhead the stadium. Meanwhile, Taskmaster sends a priority one message directly to Emperor Doom to view the ongoing tussle. Rocket teaches Quill how to hotwire and gain control over the drone. Instead of killing Fin Fang Foom, Quill notices a device on top the kaiju’s head and destroys it. Free of mind control, Fin Fang Foom unleashes his rage on his oppressors by spewing acid breath on them. As Doom watches Taskmaster’s failure, the feed is disconnected. Doom activates hunter killer Doombots to go after the Guardians.

The Guardians escape their confinement. Following a tip given to them by Spider-Woman, they head to Electroville to find the relic. Before they continue any further, Drax has a heart to heart with Quill. Drax tells Quill he needs to try to get over what happened to his wife and daughter and to honor them by stopping the Universal Church once and for all.

As news about the Guardians’ victory in Fisk Lake City spreads through Titania Town Market in Colorado, Gladiator overhears the townsfolk. After getting information on the gang’s whereabouts, Gladiator sends Pulsar to kill the band of misfit heroes. Pulsar speeds off and says “I will not fail the Church. Quill will soon be dead as the other heretics.”

I really enjoyed the use of Spider-Woman as a call back to the original Old Man Logan miniseries. Spider-Woman, the daughter of Hawkeye, tried to overthrow the Kingpin but failed and was sent to be executed. Not only does she end up surviving her encounter with Fin Fang Foom, she defeats Taskmaster in combat. As she takes control over the arena, she has Taskmaster fight the next battle. His opponent: The Venom controlled T-Rex seen in Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye.

The relic the Guardians are after is no longer located in New York City. Is the information Spider-Woman gave Quill legit or did she send the heroes to their doom? (pun intended) Could the relic be a device and the components are scattered throughout the Wastelands? We will have to wait and see what happens next issue.

Coming up Next – GLADIATOR CLOSES IN! PETER QUILL and the GUARDIANS’ good deeds across the Wastelands are starting to gain them a following…which isn’t as good as it sounds as GLADIATOR and his advance team from the UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF TRUTH close in! But it’ll all be for nothing if Quill can’t escape from the MADROX gang!