Avocado Travel Thread (May 26, 2019)

Hey, all! By the time you read this, I’ll be in Japan! I’m excited as heck.

Last thread we talked about some travel mistakes we’ve made and what we learned from them. Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm pointed out that it’s a good idea to double and triple check dates when buying tickets in and out of the US – we’re the most contrarian country in the world, so we just have to be different when it comes to how we write out our days ‘n months! Che Vigoda also highlighted the need to count out your cash when exchanging it. It’s not hard to get swindled, or to even be the victim of an innocent mistake.

I’m already thinking about what I’d like to get for family and for myself when we’re there. The boyfriend and I mostly limit ourselves to getting Christmas decorations when we’re traveling abroad – they’re easy to pack, and it’s okay if they’re a little tacky, because, well, it’s Christmas.

Do you buy souvenirs when you travel? What compels you to pull out the wallet?