The Fourth Annual Dare Me to Write a Terrible Artist Spotlight Challenge

Hard to believe we’re on the fourth year of this hot garbage-loving series. Time flies, kids grow up so fast, etc. Now down to business.

The Avocado Artist Spotlight series is where users can write up a post on an artist they love, be it musician, band, actor, writer, and so on. You will find at that link many musicians written up by many Avocadoans since our founding in the early 21st Century. We love to talk about artists we love!

However, that still leaves the ones we hate.

Here’s the idea. You nominate musicians or bands that are terrible, in the comments below. I will write a spotlight on the one that receives the most upvotes by 11:59 p.m. EDT on 5/21. Previous entries in this shameful series include ringtone rapper Soulja Boy Tell’em (2016), celebrity vanity act Dogstar (2017), and nightmarishly bad crunkcore outfit BrokeNCYDE (2018).

So now is your chance! Force me to listen to an awful musician’s lifetime output, and then cogitate on it, and then waste my employer’s time writing it up. The spotlight will be posted some time next week.

And may God have mercy on our souls.