Werewolf 92: Survivor — Day Five

Joe Anglim carefully adjusted his hair as he waited for the votes to be read. To his shock, Aria Speedwagon’s torch was snuffed in his place. He felt reinvigorated. Maybe he could pull this off after all! Maybe he could —

“Sorry, Man Bun,” said Professor Jake, before lighting Joe on fire with his own torch.

dw / Joe Anglim is dead.

New Rules

From now on, there will be two challenges per day, an Immunity Challenge and a Reward Challenge. The winner of the Immunity Challenge will earn individual immunity for either the day or night of their win; they will have to declare whether they choose day or night immunity upon winning the amulet. The winner of the Reward Challenge will earn a night kill for that night. There will be no other night actions. Once the game is down to three players, the Final Jury will decide who earns the title of Soul Survivor.

Players are still held to three maximum QTs.

The Players
  1. Captain Video / Aria Speedwagon
  2. Mayelbridwen / Sandra Diaz-Twine
  3. Goat / Space Pirate Rupert Boneham
  4. Sister Jude / Sue Hawk
  5. Lindsay / McGruff the Crime Dog
  6. dw / Joe Anglim
  7. InnDE / Jonny Fairplay
  8. Hayes / Izzy, aka E-Scope, aka Brainzilla
  9. April / Jeff Kent
  10. The Wasp / Jane Goodall (and Peanut)
  11. Owen / Reba Hart
  12. Louie / John(nie) Cochran(e)
  13. Grumproro / Kim Spradlin
  14. subsaharan
  15. Lamb Dance / Ghost
  16. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts / Stephenie LaGrossa
  17. MacCrocodile / Professor Jake, from Tennessee
  18. Ralph / Lillian Morris
  19. spooky / Jay Starrett
  20. Mr. Glitch / Glytch Grylls

Survivor History Corner

In season 15, Survivor: China, James Clement had the dubious honor of being the only Survivor contestant ever to be voted out of the game with two immunity idols in his possession. He was that blindsided.

Day 5 ends at 9:00pm EST on Monday, May 20th.

Countdown to Day 5 Tribal Council