Game of Thrones S8E6: Everyone Gets to Be Happy (Series Finale)

Everyone gets to be happy, right? The viewers, the characters, the creators, the actors … even the Mothership has had a happy ending! Anyone remember that? Funny thing: I went looking for some old Disqus threads on old Game of Thrones episodes because I’m a sucker for nostalgia and wallowing in misery (which I guess is why I’m still watching GoT — haha, I know, cheap shot, but I don’t care), and … actually found some!

It’s kinda funny looking at the comment thread for Baelor and realizing that GoT was not always the juggernaut it has been in recent years. 653 comments in the experts review seems so measly for Sean Bean getting his head chopped off. Oh, right, spoiler!

Sorry about not having a newbies comment section link for that one — if anyone does, feel free to post it and tag me. Same for any other old comment sections, of course.

By the time the Red Wedding rolled around, we were significantly more chatty (2,232 comments in the experts review and 3,341 comments on the newbies review) though.

Ah, the good ol’ days.

But alas, even the Dragon Queen, Breaker of Chains yadayada, nor the master assassin stabber of Night Kings, nor the dude who knows nothing could defeat Kinja.

So … here we are!

Anyway: Discuss, predict, react, decry, lament, laugh, chuckle and all those good things in relation to tonight’s episode. Allegedly, it’s the last one. Unless that petition to redo Game of Thrones season 8 “with competent writers” and which is now at more than a million signatures gets its way (spoiler: It won’t?).

Have fun! And if you can’t, well, I expect I’ll probably be right there with you once I get around to watching the episode.

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