The Road House Day Thread!

Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest movies ever made.  And I say this not with my tongue pressed against my cheek.

(I would have written this for the 19th, but those slots were already taken)

Anyway, Road House stars Patrick Swayze (RIP) as Dalton, a world renowned bouncer.  He’s lured away from more lucrative bouncer jobs in big cities to be the head bouncer of a bar in The Middle of Nowhere, Missouri.   He soon runs afoul of the man who practically owns the town, Brad Wesley (played by Ben Gazzara), which sounds very close to “weasel”, which is what he is as he and goons strong arm and intimidate the rather helpless people of the town.

Things escalate between Dalton and Wesley and his men.  Soon, Dalton suffers a knife wound, resulting him being sent to the hospital.  There, he meets a woman nicknamed Doc, as she is the town doctor (played by Kelly Lynch), and soon becomes smitten with her.  His stabbing prompts Dalton to call in his friend and mentor Wade (played by Sam Elliot) for assistance.

Things get worse when Wesley’s thugs destroy the farmhouse Dalton is staying at.  This leads to a “do the death” fight where Dalton literally rips the throat out of his attacker.  Wesley, who is quite cross with this, kills Wade.  What follows is one of the greatest one man assaults on a bad guy’s HQ in movie history, though Dalton does get some help a ways through.  Wesley and his goons are killed, the police are cool with it, everyone celebrates, and Dalton and Doc hook up.  The End.

What makes this movie a delightful watch is not just the over the top fight scenes

and the glory of a shirtless Swayze,

but the deliciously campy dialogue, such as these said by Dalton.

“I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”

“Pain don’t hurt.”

Road House is one of those perfect cult films, right up there with Buckaroo Banzai and Clue, and I highly recommend it.

Enjoy the Day Thread everyone.