Still Watching: Big Bang Theory

In a world of six to eight episode Netflix shows that only get one or two seasons, Big Bang Theory managed to churn out 280 episodes over twelve years.  Along the way, this very throw back sitcom with it’s enhanced audience laughter (not a laugh track but basically the same thing) three camera set up and very broad humor was made fun of by the “cool kids” while at the same time being the most watched thing on television outside of football season.  During it’s height, BBT had more regular weekly viewers than the most watched episode of GOT.  BBT was not a ground breaking show in any way, but it was comfortable when many shows go out of their way to be uncomfortable.  The perfect airplane show – which is where I first watched it, bingeing five or six episodes about a decade ago before the airlines started to offer better options and before anyone knew what bingeing in the entertainment sense, was.

So let’s raise a toast to BBT, a show that ended a long and popular run without hundreds of thousands of fans signing petitions to redo the final season.  I watched it on DVR, a nice, easy 20 minutes or so a week and you didn’t have to wait until the kids were in bed.  Lot of others must have watched it as well, those 12-18 million people a week came from somewhere. So did you watch BBT?  What other “lame” pop culture shows did you enjoy and you don’t care who knows it?