The Avocado

State of the Avocado – May 2019

Greetings guacs, it’s time once again for the State of the Avocado! Where we gather together to warm our hearts around the updates to the rules and guidelines that keep the site running smoothly and discuss ideas and changes we want to see. First, some updates and reminders.

Thirst posts

We are aware that the rules around this are somewhat nebulous, and it’s often a “we know it when we see it” situation. Nevertheless we will still be removing posts that are nothing but objectification of people of any gender. This includes just sharing images for the purpose of talking about someone’s looks or physical features as well as comments about how much a particular person arouses you. Nobody cares about your pants feels.

Restricted words

We have listed out the words that are automatically filtered and thrown into the mod queue before (but they’ll be posted below if you’re curious). But some of you might notice that sometimes these words show up anyway, when we approve a post using them. We are more likely to approve a comment using a restricted word that is being made by someone who is the target of the slur in question, although context is always important. You may still be asked to repost your comment with a slur removed if the mod consensus is that a comment with a slur detracts more than it adds.

Speaking on behalf of the mods

The Avocado mods are pleased that the community is cohesive and invested enough that we can self-police a lot of things. But if there are matters that require mods to step in on, rule breaking, off-site issues or site promotion related concerns please let us know so the mods can agree on a course of action together and communications can come from one source.

Temporary bans

Since instituting temporary bans rather than making all bans permanent we haven’t really codified how we’re dealing with the temporary bans. So here it is:

  • If you are banned temporarily you will be told the length of the ban and the mods will keep a record of when it happened as well. The default temp ban period is 1 month, but that can be more or less at the discretion of the mod team.
  • After that time is up, email us and we will remove the ban.
  • Once you’re back to posting again you will be on a one strike basis. One strike in the first three months after your temporary ban will result in a permanent ban. There are no second chances after that one strike.


Taking beef or drama from one thread into another isn’t okay and neither is dredging up beef/drama in the same thread many hours later, especially without directly talking to or tagging the person involved. Vagueposts can have wider impact than just the person intended and it drags down the community to deal with issues this way. If you need a mod to intervene, please ask, we’re here to help.

Avocado Fun Facts!

  • Did you know we hit more than 10,000 threads recently? Because we did, and that is amazing.
  • This community gives out more than 1 million upvotes per month! And averages around 350,000 comments per month.
  • The results of the Politics Thread survey have led to some positive changes there and the mods are seeing fewer off topic posts, more posts appropriately spoilered for content and fewer escalating arguments.
  • Keep an eye out for a similar survey for the Open Threads in the near future!