Werewolf 92: Survivor — Day Two

The 19 remaining Survivor contestants stayed up late that night, meeting in furtive groups to discuss the game, from the results of the first Tribal Council (“I didn’t even know his name,” whispered Kim to Ghost) to more nefarious topics. With so much at stake, most agreed that this game would require more than just winning challenges and surviving Tribals to become the Soul Survivor. Not surprisingly, no one got much sleep that night.

As the only two-time winner in Survivor history and arguably Survivor‘s greatest player, it stood to reason that Sandra would be one of the first to be targeted. Though undeniably sassy, she was no match for the contestants who ambushed her as she focused on starting a fire for the tribe.

Mayelbridwen / Sandra Diaz-Twine is dead.

Elsewhere on the island, Jonny Fairplay sat in earnest conversation with Reba Hart, telling her all about his sick mother back home. “Oh she’s very sick,” Jonny insisted, waving his arms wildly. “It’s her heart. And her liver. And her lungs. And at least one of her kidneys. I’m telling you Reba, if I don’t win this game and get back to my totally, actually, really sick mother, I don’t know what she’ll do!”

Reba looked skeptical. “I’ve been through a lot of crapstorms in my life, and it kinda sounds like you’re tryin’ to tinkle on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

“No, it’s all true!” protested Jonny. “You can ask my grandma!”

They were so engrossed in conversation that they failed to notice the machetes rising behind them.

InnDE / Jonny Fairplay is dead.

Owen / Reba Hart is dead.

John(nie) Cochran(e) was also deep in conversation . . . with himself. “If a tree is hollow, an idol must follow,” Johnnie Cochrane muttered. “Oh would you shut up!” John Cochran retorted. “I can’t think with all your rhyming!”

Suddenly a fishing spear came out of nowhere, impaling the duo. “If it’s two men, hit ’em again,” their assailant smirked, yanking out the spear and plunging it back in to finish the job.

Louie / John(nie) Cochran(e) is dead.

Back at camp, Stephenie dropped an armload of firewood and looked around, hands on her hips, wondering where everyone was. Seeing Sandra lying nearby in a makeshift hammock, she nudged her, whispering, “Hey, Sandra. Wake up! Let’s talk strategy, strong woman to strong woman!” When Sandra’s head lolled to the side, revealing the gaping wound beneath her buff, Stephenie leaped backwards into the shelter just as McGruff the Crime Dog came around the corner and stopped dead in his furry tracks.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” exclaimed McGruff. “There’s been a murder! Did you do that?”

“No!” exclaimed Stephenie. “Of course not! You’re a . . . crime . . . dog, right? Do something! Investigate!”

“Sorry, lady, I mostly do DARE presentations. This is outta my league!”

Just then, the shelter, rigged to collapse, came down on Stephenie’s head. At the same time, another contestant shouted, “Tree mail!” before cracking McGruff’s skull with a heavy branch.

ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts / Stephanie LaGrossa is dead.

Lindsay / McGruff the Crime Dog is dead.

The Rules

This game is not divided into factions. It’s every player for themself. Only one player can win. However, players are welcome/encouraged to form alliances amongst themselves, with each new alliance getting a QT (private chat). Players can use their individual QTs to ask the moderators to issue an invitation to one or more other players to form an alliance at any time during the Day; players may send and/or accept as many or as few alliance invitations as they want before Twilight. However, a player cannot be in more than three active alliances at the same time; if a player who already has three active alliances wants to initiate or accept a new alliance offer, they will need to leave one of their already-existing alliances (that alliance QT will be closed and a new one opened for the remaining alliance members). A player who is invited to join an alliance will be told the identity of the person issuing the invitation and the number of players in the alliance at the time the invitation was issued, but not the other members of the alliance (if any). Alliances are locked at Twilight until the start of the next Day. The creator of an alliance will be told in their individual QT when players accept or reject their invitation and will be told if a player leaves the alliance.

All players will convene on the Open Thread (OT) daily, as usual, to discuss eliminating one player at Tribal Council (No Kill is not an option, and ties will follow Survivor rules – a tie equals a two-hour runoff at Twilight between all tied players [tied players cannot vote in the runoff], and if the runoff ends in a tie, it will go to rocks [all players except the tied players will be eligible for an RNG kill]). However, day-kill voting will occur in each player’s private QT (the votes will be read at Twilight, but who voted for whom will not be made public). Each player can only vote once per day (unless there’s a runoff).

In addition, each alliance (or lone player should a player not be in any alliance[s]) can target one player for a kill each Night.

If the same player is targeted for death at Night by an even number of players/alliances, the kill will not go through.

Each alliance with two or more living players will have a Spy (who changes nightly). The Spy can use Tony’s Spy Shack™ at night to steal another player’s Immunity Idol (if they have one) or to determine the number of alliances in which a player is participating plus the identity of one unknown alliance member (they will decide in which spying activity to engage). The Spy can select any player to investigate and will list their target in their individual QT.

Each alliance with three or more living players will have a Bodyguard, who can protect another player from night kills and from spies. The Bodyguard will change nightly and will name their protected player (who does not have to be a member of that alliance) in their individual QT. Bodyguards cannot protect themselves and cannot protect the same player two Nights in a row.

The Spy and/or Bodyguard will be chosen by RNG and announced in each alliance’s QT at Twilight. If the same player serves multiple roles for multiple alliances on the same night, they will only be able to target one player that night (if the player is both the Bodyguard and the Spy, they will be able to both spy on and protect their target).

There will be an unknown number of immunity idols available to players in the game. One of the mods will announce when idols are hidden. Idols may take the form of a Tyler Perry Immunity Idol (TPII) or a Fucking Stick Idol (FSI). Two TPIIs were hidden on Day 1. The TPIIs allow a player to declare immunity from a day kill (on behalf of themself or another player) at any time in the day until Twilight (after Twilight is called, a TPII cannot be used that day, unless there is a runoff vote). The FSI will have different/additional powers that will be announced when it is hidden. Idols have been / will be hidden in Avocado discussions no more than three days old at the time they are announced. Idols have not been / will not be hidden in the “In All Seriousness” thread, the restricted threads (women’s thread, POC thread, LGBT+ threads, etc.), a spoilery thread, the sex thread (we have teens!), or any other thread where game playing would not be appropriate. When a player finds an idol, they should download or screenshot the image (which they will post on the OT when they decide to use the idol, if possible) and tell the moderators in their individual QT (first come, first serve), at which point the moderators will delete the idol. A player who finds an idol should provide to the mods a link to where they found it. Whether a player tells others about holding an idol (prior to using it) is up to that player. The veracity of a player’s idol will not be confirmed until they attempt to play it. If a player dies holding an idol, that idol is out of the game. If a player’s idol is stolen, the player will be notified of the theft but not the thief.

Daily challenges on the OT will yield an advantage to the winning player. The advantages will vary. Challenges may take the form of reward challenges or individual immunity challenges.

When the game is down to a certain number of players, the surviving players will make their pitch, and all deceased players in the Ponderosa Graveyard will become the Final Jury to vote on which player wins the ultimate prize of Soul Survivor. Note that participants in the Ponderosa Graveyard have access to all behind-the-scenes information, including all alliance QTs (open and closed).

Living players may not quote from QTs on the OTs or between QTs. Deceased players may not comment in QTs (other than their individual QTs and the Ponderosa QT) or on the OTs until the final day (when notified).

In this game, there is no minimum participation rule. There are also no backup players in this game. Anyone who needs to quit will be helicoptered out. No editing comments. As always, be accommodating to different play styles, and remember that it’s just a game.

The Players
  1. Captain Video / Aria Speedwagon
  2. Mayelbridwen / Sandra Diaz-Twine
  3. Goat / Space Pirate Rupert Boneham
  4. Sister Jude / Sue Hawk
  5. Lindsay / McGruff the Crime Dog
  6. dw / Joe Anglim
  7. InnDE / Jonny Fairplay
  8. Hayes / Izzy, aka E-Scope, aka Brainzilla
  9. April / Jeff Kent
  10. The Wasp / Jane Goodall (and Peanut)
  11. Owen / Reba Hart
  12. Louie / John(nie) Cochran(e)
  13. Grumproro / Kim Spradlin
  14. subsaharan
  15. Lamb Dance / Ghost
  16. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts / Stephenie LaGrossa
  17. MacCrocodile / Professor Jake, from Tennessee
  18. Ralph / Lillian Morris
  19. spooky / Jay Starrett
  20. Mr. Glitch / Glytch Grylls

Day 2 ends at 10:00pm EST on Wednesday, May 15th.

Countdown to Day 2 Tribal Council

History Corner

In season 2, Michael Skupin seemed poised to make it far into the game, perhaps even winning Survivor: The Australian Outback. He took on the role of leader and provider for his tribe. He even killed a wild pig!

In retrospect, this was probably not a sign of great character.

However, on Day 17, while tending the fire at camp, he inhaled some fumes and collapsed. He fell. into. the. fire! He immediately leaped up and ran into the nearby water, desperately soaking his badly-burned hands, but it was too late. His injuries were severe, and he became the first Survivor player to be medically evacuated from the game, as well as the first player to leave the game without being voted off.

CW: This video is pretty gruesome.

Skupin came in 11th that season and returned for season 25 (Survivor: The Philippines), where he came in second, receiving only one Final Jury vote. A few years later, he served prison time for crimes such as larceny and, er, possession of child pornography, so it’s hard to feel too sorry for the man, but he will always have a place in Survivor history.

In Other Werewolf News

Remember, Spiny’s representing the Avocado Werewolf community in a Mafia Universe tournament. Her first game started Monday, and she was still alive at the end of Day 1.

Here’s a QT for commenting on the game if you’re so inclined, and here‘s where you can watch the game. Here’s a Discord link also. Remember that Spiny cannot consult with us while she’s playing the game, so please take care not to do anything that might get her disqualified. As her backup, I [Jake] will need to stay out of the QT as well. Y’all have fun though! Visit the Mod QT for the full message from Thingyman, the Mafia Universe representative.

Good luck, Spiny! Have fun!