“Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory” American Dad! S16 E05

This one is pretty much a “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, except replace Jeff with Willie Wonka (portrayed by Snoop Dogg of course) and Chocolate Factory with Dank Ass Weed Factory

The story opens this week with Stan making some actually funny slams on pot smokers in the kitchen.  Jeff gets upset and goes to his local weed store.  There we learn of the contest to find one of four Tommy Toke’s Golden Blunt Wraps

Back at the CIA, Bullock tasks the crew with infiltrating the factory to get their hands on the “Everlasting Edible”


Of course Jeff “finds” one of the golden wraps, invites Stan to go with him after Haley thinks there will be too much walking


The rest of the episode is a visit to the factory, hosted by Tommy Toke (actually Snoop Dogg) where Stan tried to steal the Everlasting Edible, actually gets high, and gets transformed into a weird monstrosity,  a Sloompa Loompa.  Also they ride thru the creepy tunnel.


Brief appearances by the rest of the family, as this is a Jeff /Stan centric episode

Grade : B+

Stray Observation

Jeff: Mr. S, rebuttal?

Stan: I’m prepared to let you sleep with my wife

Francine: Jeff, you’d be crazy not to take that deal