The Day Thread Eavesdrops to Ascertain Killer Bird Motives

The movie The Birds (1996) is about a bartender who is curious about what Tippy Hedren is talking about on the phone, because she is talking about viciously rude birds.

The movie is a masterclass in restraint and ambiguity, as the bartender figure isn’t seen for much of the movie, and his fate left up in the air (bird pun for levity). The tension of this choice informs the biblical, primal violence, and especially Tippy Hedren’s performance. Tippy’s character is a sort of impulsive media empire heiress, like a Byzantine governor’s upstart daughter, and if it weren’t for the contrast of a hairy-armed bartender, her privileged perspective and warped motivations would be lost on the audience.

Alfred Hitchcockswain presides over this grotesque menagerie of squick; be sure to watch from another room in case it gets too frightening. Encourage Windex purchases.