Werewolf 92: Survivor — Signups

The year is 2031, and the nation mourns: Beloved, seemingly ageless reality show icon Jeff Probst has died in a tragic explosion. One first responder to the scene insists that the explosion was a cover-up, that the remains of Probst Manor hold strange sights, from a mysterious sinkhole lined with cracked, black glass to an otherwise empty room filled with wind and whispers. However, she is dismissed as a troublemaker and later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, though her family swears she did not own a firearm. The producers of Survivor announce that Survivor cannot continue without Jeff Probst and unveil plans for one last game in Probst’s memory: Survivor: The Reckoning.

Twenty Survivor players from games past are lured back for one final chance to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other to claim the ten-million-dollar prize and title of Greatest Survivor.  As they gather on the beach, they are told that this time, the rules will be different. There will be no tribes, no team challenges, no theme but survival. One thing has not changed, however: There can only be one winner, and the jury will decide.

When the producers announce that veteran Survivor personality Jonathan Penner is the guest host for this epic contest, no one is surprised, since his desire to replace Jeff Probst as the face of Survivor has long been an open secret amongst contestants and fans alike. Still, the players cheer politely as a shadowy figure moves towards them down the path and enters the tribal arena.

The torches flare, and the contenders stumble backwards in shock and horror: In the center of the arena, trademark smile beaming, eyes sparkling red in the reflected flames, stands Jeff Probst. “I am the only host of the Great Game,” Probst intones, throwing Penner’s severed head at Oscar “Ozzie” Lusth, whose natural athleticism causes him to catch it briefly before throwing it down in disgust. The production crew chants as Probst throws his arms wide and announces gleefully, “This time, when you lose, it is not your torch you will bring me, but your soul. Let the Reckoning begin!”

The Rules

The game begins with 20 players, all Town (or all scum, depending on how you look at it).

This game is not divided into factions. It’s every player for themself. Only one player can win. However, players are welcome/encouraged to form alliances amongst themselves, with each new alliance getting a QT (private chat). Players can use their individual QTs to ask the moderators to issue an invitation to one or more other players to form an alliance at any time during the day; players may send and/or accept as many or as few alliance invitations as they want before Twilight. However, a player cannot be in more than three alliances (with living players) at the same time; if a player who already has three active alliances wants to initiate or accept a new alliance offer, they will need to leave one of their already-existing alliances (that alliance QT will be closed and a new one opened for the remaining alliance members). If an alliance decides to kick out a player, that alliance QT will also be closed and a new one opened for the remaining alliance members. A player who is invited to join an alliance will be told the identity of the person issuing the invitation and the number of players in the alliance at the time the invitation was issued, but not the other members of the alliance (if any).

All players will convene on the Open Thread (OT) daily, as usual, to discuss eliminating one player at Tribal Council (No Kill is not an option, and ties will follow Survivor rules – a tie equals a two-hour runoff at Twilight between all tied players [tied players cannot vote in the runoff], and if the runoff ends in a tie, it will go to rocks [all players except the tied players will be eligible for an RNG kill]). However, voting will occur in each player’s private QT (the votes will be read at Twilight, but who voted for whom will not be made public). Each player can only vote once per day (unless there’s a runoff).

In addition, each alliance (or lone player should a player decide not to form any alliance[s]) will be able to target one player for a Night Kill each night.

If the same player is targeted for night kill by an even number of players/alliances, the night kill will not go through.

Each alliance with two or more living players will have a Spy (who changes nightly). The Spy can use Tony’s Spy Shack™ at night to steal another player’s Immunity Idol (if they have one) or to determine the number of alliances in which a player is participating plus the identity of one unknown alliance member (they will decide in which spying activity to engage). The Spy can select any player to investigate and will list their target in their individual QT. If multiple Spies attempt to spy on the same player for the same reason on the same night, the action will not go through. A player will not know they were investigated or that their Immunity Idol was stolen (if applicable) until they attempt to use it.

Each alliance with three or more living players will have a Bodyguard, who can protect another player from night kill. The Bodyguard will change nightly and will name their protected player (who does not have to be a member of that alliance) in their individual QT. Bodyguards cannot protect themselves and cannot protect the same player two Nights in a row.

The Spy and/or Bodyguard will be announced in each alliance’s QT each night.

There will be an unknown number of Tyler Perry Immunity Idols (TPIIs) available to players in the game. The TPII allows a player to declare immunity from a day killl (on behalf of themself or another player) at any time in the day until Twilight (after Twilight is called, a TPII cannot be used that day, unless there is a runoff vote). The TPIIs will be hidden in Avocado discussions no more than three days old at the time a new TPII is announced. TPIIs will not be hidden in the “In All Seriousness” thread, the restricted threads (women’s thread, POC thread, LGBT+ threads, etc.), or any other thread where game playing would not be appropriate. When a player finds a TPII, they should tell the moderators in their individual QT (first come, first serve), at which point the moderators will delete the TPII. Any TPII not found before comments close on the discussion where it is hidden will be removed from play and may or may not be replaced. Whether a player tells others about holding a TPII (prior to using it) is up to that player.

Daily challenges on the OT may yield an advantage to the winning player.

When the game is down to two or three players, the surviving players will make their pitch, and the Graveyard will become the Final Jury to vote on which player wins the ultimate prize of Greatest Survivor.

In this game, Days will likely be shorter and Nights longer, since most of the action will take place at Night. There is no minimum participation rule. There are also no backup players in this game. Anyone who needs to quit will be helicoptered out.

The Players

Each player has the option of role playing as a real-life previous Survivor contestant (2000 – 2019) or a fictional Survivor contestant of your own devise (from 2020 – 2030). You can select your own rp persona (this list might be helpful) when you sign up, or you can just introduce your rp on Day 1. Obviously, no one can be Penner. Contestants who have died in real life (e.g., Caleb Bankston) are also not eligible.

1) Captain Video

2) Mayelbridwen

3) Goat

4) Sister Jude

5) Lindsay

6) dw

7) InnDE

8) Hayes

9) April

10) The Wasp

11) Owen

12) Louie

13) Grumproro

14) subsaharan

15) Lamb Dance

16) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts

17) MacCrocodile

18) Ralph

19) spooky

20) Mr. Glitch

This game will be modded by forget_it_jake and hohopossum. Hat tip to Goat for consulting services!