MarbleLympics 2019: Event #7 – Block Pushing

We’ve had tests of speed. We’ve had tests of agility. We’ve had tests of endurance. Now finally, it’s time for a test of raw strength. Block pushing is back, baby!

This event dispenses with the usual tournament format and instead ranks the participants based on their better performance in two heats. That means mediocre performance in heats can’t be compensated for with strong performance in the finals. You only get two shots, and you’re competing against everyone.

Two primary strategies are in play here. The first is to maintain a tight, high-velocity formation and get one big push on the block. The second is to let the rear marble hang back a bit; it gives a large initial push and a second, smaller push that can sometimes propel the block forward several centimetres. It’s riskier, but it can pay huge dividends.

The latter strategy is what gave the Midnight Wisps their stunning 68.2 cm performance and resulted in their first medal of the 2019 MarbleLympics – a gold, no less. Well done, dark orbs.

Stray thoughts:

  • The Oceanics and Pinkies still can’t get anything going. I’m starting to feel sorry for them. At least now they have company, being tied for last place.
  • The Midnight Wisps probably won’t be able to catch the teams at the top of the MarbleLympics rankings, but getting on the board allows them to compete for mid-range glory. The Thunderbolts and Team Galactic had better watch their backs.
  • It’s nice to see some K’Nex in the starting mechanism. Hubelino is great and all, but my childhood nostalgia lies with K’Nex.
  • For a second I thought that they made the blocks lighter because of Team Momo’s injuries, but that actually happened in the bobsled event in last year’s Winter MarbleLympics. Wear your helmets, kids.

Next up, the Triathlon!

Complete stats for the 2019 MarbleLympics can be found at the MarbleLympics Wiki.