Best Sandwich Tournament – Final Sixteen

I happen to love a good tuna fish sandwich, but if in your infinite wisdom, you monsters wish to nominate both Tuna Melt and Tuna Salad and then knock them both out with your confounded democracy, then so be it.

Neither of them suffered as humiliating a loss as Sloppy Joe, though, which got completely destroyed. Other sandwiches that couldn’t triumph over their carby competitors include Muffuletta, Fried Fish, Lox on a Bagel, Croque Monsieur, Shawarma, Falafel, Egg Salad, Roast Beef, Meatloaf, and Pastrami on Rye.

Among the more surprising losers, I was shocked to see that Chicken Parm and Lobster Roll didn’t get more support, but all these sandwiches offer up some stiff competition. The stiffest competition saw BLT go down by a single vote. Who says your voice doesn’t matter?

Now it’s down to sixteen. Who will triumph? Who will dominate? Who will need a big glass of milk to get through this post?