Best British Rock Band (That Isn’t The Beatles or Rolling Stones) Tournament (Nominations)

This is a tournament to decide once and for all the best British Rock band.  The Beatles and Rolling Stones are automatically eliminated because they would occupy the top 2 spots if allowed in the tournament.

To make things simple, to be considered a British Rock Band ALL members of the band have to have been British citizens. So this eliminates bands like Fleetwood Mac, and The Monkees since these bands were multinational.  This is open for debate but ultimately the final decision will up to me; my tournament, my rules.

Don’t think I need to define Rock and Roll but again this is open for debate. Only collective bands without a named solo artist feature are allowed. So this eliminates artists like Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

The top 32 British Rock Bands will continue on to the next round.

Not only is this my first tournament but my first article, so please be kind.