“Rabbit Ears” American Dad! S16 E04

Now this was a very special episode of American Dad

Very whacked and quite different.  Stan finds an old school large projection TV on the curb and puts it in the basement to the family’s chagrin.  Weird stuff starts to happen when the big box only picks up “Nighthawks Hideaway“, “with your host Alistair Covax” .  This “show” appears to be a homage/ripoff of Hugh Hefner’s old Playboy Penthouse TV show from the  60s

Not gonna lie, the laughs were not very plentiful, but the plot was very intriguing.  I really enjoyed this one

Baby Roger persona was really good too.

Stray Observations

  • “Stan, you can finally take me back to the Green Burrito without having to worry. Yug, Green Burrito, no thank you “
  • “Look , it’s Charlie, sincerely one of the best white non union jazz pianists in the entire city”
  • “Oh Boy , he’ll pay for that at commercial time”
  • “This is a party baby, and party’s are fun .  So when the camera is on, you will make nice conversation, you will keep a drink in hand, and you will listen to and love every bit of jazz you hear!”
  • “But, I like Swamp Rock.”
  • “It sounds like skeedley deep doop bop du bop scoop dop slygar Flargy gargy skee …”


Grade : A