Comic Book Review – The Shape of Elvira #2

The Shape of Elvira #2

Writer David Avallone

Artist Fran Strukan

Chapter Two – Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Soggy

Elvira meets her costar, the Gill Man, who she refers to as “Gill”.  When she asks the director how Gill is able to breathe underwater, he replies by saying the effects crew built ultra slim oxygen tanks into the costume. This invention will be patented and sold to scuba divers in the near future. As Elvira says her goodbyes for the evening, she meets Eddie for the drink they planned on earlier. Elvira tries to guess the actor in the costume, naming Daniel Day Lewis and Jared Leto, as possible contenders. Eddie tells Elvira he has no idea, but they are very good guesses. Eddie and Elvira hit it off and as the sparks fly between them, they decide to put their feelings aside until after the movie is completed.

After the first day of shooting is completed, the director invites everyone to the lobby of the mansion for a celebratory champagne toast. Elvira has a glass and after she finishes it, she passes out. A dream sequence shows Elvira as Wonder Woman and Gill as Aquaman dancing together underwater. As Elvira goes to pull Gill’s mask off to reveal his identity, she wakes up in bed with Gill crouched over her. Elvira leaves the house to clear her head. As she leaves the grounds of the mansion and hits the highway, a van catches up to her. She pulls off to the side of the road. Agent Roberts and Agent Polito of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Department want to ask the Mistress of the Dark a few questions.

I am enjoying this miniseries immensely, but one of the huge downsides is the release schedule. Issue two was originally solicited for February but wasn’t released until late April. I wish Dynamite would have waited until the series was completed and released the miniseries as a weekly event in October.

I liked how Agent Polito was drawn to look like late actor Jon Polito, who you may remember for his work with the Coen Brothers. I was trying to think who Agent Roberts was based off but couldn’t put my finger on it.

The wrinkle added with the special agents has me thinking that Gill is a real-life lagoon creature. I like how the men working on the film have their answers ready for every question Elvira has for them. Can Eddie be openly honest with Elvira and if he isn’t, will it cost him his budding romance with Elvira? We will find out shortly.

Next issue – It came from Hollywood! Elvira has discovered her co-star’s monstrous secret, and she’s not the only one. Things get out of hand on the set of “The Heart is a Black Lagoon,” as murder, mystery and interspecies romance all come to a boil in the penultimate issue of THE SHAPE OF ELVIRA!