Steven Universe Best Song Tournament – And The Winner Is…

In the bronze medal match, #3 Do It For Her wins over #4 Here Comes a Thought, 19-11. Do It For Her has always been a favorite of mine; until What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue) and G-G-G-Ghost it was my second favorite song, so even though it couldn’t win I’m happy to see it place. Plus, now you’re all spared my hot-taking about the relative quality of Here Comes a Thought and the episode Mindful Education.

But, the match we’re all here for. It came down to the wire; many ‘Cados had a hard time choosing between two stone-cold (heh) classics, #1 Stronger Than You and #2 It’s Over Isn’t It. But in the end…it was a tie! 19-19 was our final count, and both songs are worthy co-champions.

If you find that unsatisfying…technically, I have the power to break ties, since I never vote. There’s no need to do so in the finals, but if you really need there to be a single winner, I’ll pick one.

Non-Canon Solitary Winner

I have to go with my all-time favorite, Stronger Than You. It’s got everything; it’s strong musically (that hook in the chorus gets repeated in every subsequent Garnet song for a reason) and lyrically, and it has a special place narratively. There’s just something so triumphant and quintessentially Steven Universe about delivering the villain a comeback beatdown while singing about how your true strength is love. After I first watched Jailbreak I listened to Stronger Than You on continuous loop at work all day. It’s Over Isn’t It is good, but it just doesn’t have that extra oomph for me.


Again, I don’t want to overrule the whole site here, so this is non-canon. Officially, we have co-champs. Congratulations to both songs!