Weekly Cleaning Thread is a Pest

If you’re like me, you spend your weekends catching up on a lot of housework you didn’t do during the week. So, here is a place is a place to commiserate, ask for advice, or maybe brag about how clean you are. Talk about whatever you want!

This week’s suggested topic: Pests

We’ve discussed a bit before about how not cleaning might lead to different pests.

Last year, we noticed ants in our kitchen, so we bought some ant traps to kill them off. Through the winter, we were good, but now they’re cropping up in the sunroom again, either coming in under the door or with us as we enter and leave the garden. Time to get more ant traps!

An old apartment I had, I would start to see insects very quickly if I didn’t do the dishes right away. What sort of pest problems do you have to stave off?