Steven Universe Best Song Tournament – Finals

Recap of last round:

  • In the Pearl division, #2 It’s Over Isn’t It wins a decision over #3 Do It For Her, 17-13. Sorry Connie, but sad tux Pearl was too strong.
  • But will she be stronger than #1 Stronger Than You, the runaway champion of the Garnet division? Our top seed dispatched #4 Here Comes a Thought 22-9. It hasn’t faced a close match all tournament; the sign of a prohibitive favorite, or the pride that comes before the fall?

This tournament is single-elimination. Please vote for only one song per match. If you want to discuss the matchups do so in a top-level post, not as a reply to the matchup thread, so we can keep those clean.

You can check out the full bracket here:

Voting will be open until Sunday, May 5th at 10:00 PM Pacific.